Is the Stardust Period Tracker app on Android?

ByLance T. Lee

Jul 3, 2022

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, the Stardust rules tracker became the most downloaded app on iOS. But is it available on Android?

The Stardust The app is making waves on iOS, but is it available on Android? Stardust is an astrology-based menstrual cycle tracker app that has recently become the most downloaded period tracker app on iOS. It’s been on the App Store since last year, but its sudden popularity was the result of the United States Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade at the end of June. The court ruling ended the constitutional right to abortion and made abortion care illegal in more than a dozen states. It also led to women scrambling to find an encrypted period-tracking app that wouldn’t hand over their data to law enforcement for requesting an abortion.


It was under these circumstances that the Stardust app rose to prominence with its promise of end-to-end encryption. In an Instagram post, Stardust Founder and CEO Rachel Moranis spoke about the company’s privacy policies and end-to-end encryption that went into effect on June 29. She also claimed that with encryption, the company would not have access to any user data and would not be able to comply with government data requests.

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The Stardust period tracker app has been available on iOS since last year, but was not originally offered on Android. However, the app went live on the Play Store on June 29, which means it’s now available on Android and iOS. On the same day, the iOS app received an update to implement end-to-end encryption. This is a significant milestone for Stardust, as it claims to be the first app in its class to implement end-to-end encryption.

Most apps prioritize iOS over Android

Stardust Period Tracker

While Stardust has just made the jump to Android, many iOS-specific apps are still not available on the world’s largest smartphone platform. Even of those available on both platforms, many, like Stardust, launched on iOS long before they came to Android. A prime example of this is Instagram, which launched on Android nearly 18 months after it first became available on iOS. Other examples of apps and games that have prioritized iOS over Android include Clubhouse, Plants vs. Zombies and Clash of Clans.

Women’s menstrual cycle tracking apps have come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks following the release of the leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. While the project was leaked nearly a month ago, the verdict fell last week, dropping nearly 50 years of precedent after the landmark Roe v. Wade of 1973. The Supreme Court ruling sparked renewed interest in the privacy-focused period. -tracking apps, and Stardust thinks its new encryption feature will help it gain millions of new users.

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