Karnataka: tracking device, panic buttons mandatory for all transport vehicles

ByLance T. Lee

Nov 3, 2022


The Karnataka cabinet on Thursday decided to make it mandatory for all transport vehicles, public and private, to install tracking devices and emergency panic buttons for the safety of passengers, especially women and children.

A total of 6.8 lakh vehicles – government and private – will be covered under this mandate, Justice Minister JC Madhuswamy said, briefing reporters after the Cabinet meeting where administrative approval of Rs 20.36 crore was granted. given for this project.

“It’s a big project. The Union government will provide 60% of the funds and the state 40%,” Madhuswamy said, adding that one of the aims of the initiative is to tackle sex crimes against the women.

“On national highways and national highways, vehicles are moving very quickly, causing accidents. Vehicle Tracking System (VLTS)-based GPRS devices will be able to track speed and determine if vehicles are whether or not they stop at the prescribed locations and follow the planned route on time. This can avoid unnecessary delays and prevent unauthorized vehicles from moving,” Madhuswamy explained.

The Minister added that the mandatory VLTS will also help prevent “unhealthy competition” in the private sector.

In addition to making transport services safer, the project will help identify tax evaders and license abusers.

“There are 4.51 lakh private vehicles including taxis, maxi taxis and cabs. There are 16,432 school buses. KSRTC has 24,701 buses. There are 1,900 passenger vehicles. There are a total of 71,248 buses and 85,941 commercial (goods) vehicles circulating in the state,” Madhuswamy said.

Once the devices are installed, the government will monitor the vehicles from a central location.

The minister clarified that the government would install the safety devices in private vehicles.

“Thereafter, the State or its authorized agency may take preventive or corrective action. The whole system, which includes vehicle tracking and emergency response system, will ensure passenger safety and also greatly contribute to accident prevention and traffic safety,” he said.

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