Lumen: what is the metabolism measuring device, how does it work and can it help you lose weight?

ByLance T. Lee

Mar 9, 2022

The Lumen device promises to help people by improving their energy levels, increasing their metabolic rate, improving their fitness and strength. But does it deliver?

Light metabolism meter and application

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What is the Lumen metabolism meter and how is your metabolism?

Lumen is the world’s first wearable device designed to measure metabolism.

It promises to “hack your metabolism”. You may think that using Lumen means your metabolism will improve quickly and you’ll lose weight in the blink of an eye – but it’s not that simple. Which doesn’t mean it’s not really useful. Continue reading…

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What does Lumen say he will do?

It’s a breathalyzer, and claims that by breathing it several times a day, it will provide a personalized nutrition and meal plan, as well as other information and advice about your sleep, workouts, and time. meals, via a connected application. This is designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals – including weight loss, if you’re aiming for that

What is your metabolism?

Your metabolism is a conversion process where the body converts the calories you ingest into energy.

A number of factors influence how low or high your metabolic rate is, including your age, height, weight and body composition – you’ll often hear people say they have a fast or high or slow or low metabolism .

How does the Lumen device work?

Lumen is a sleek, tube-shaped breathalyzer.

You are asked to breathe into the tube several times a day so that you have a variety of samples at different times.

The device collects your breath and then sends the data to an app, which uses your breath measurement and a number of algorithms to then tell you whether you’re using fat or carbs for energy.

The device works by detecting the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) that you breathe out. If you exhale a high level of CO2, that means you’re burning carbs, but if it’s a low level, that means you’re burning fat instead.

This is identified using a five-digit spectrum. A number of 1 means you are burning fat, 2 is mostly fat, 3 is a mix of both macronutrients, 4 is mostly carbs, and 5 is carbs.

Lumen says that for optimal health you need to measure 1 or 2 when you wake up because that means your body is burning carbs well overnight while you sleep and has started burning your fat stores.

When measuring after meals, you ideally want to see 4 or 5, as this shows that your body is using up the carbs you just ate.

After two weeks of use, the Lumen will give you a flexibility score between 1 and 21 depending on how flexible your metabolism is, with 1 being the lowest. The higher the number the better, and your goal is to improve the number over the weeks and follow the advice given.

The meal plan aims to improve this score.

Ultimately, the higher your score, the more your body uses the right source of energy and the better your health will be.

What times of day should I use Lumen?

It is advisable to use the Lumen device in the morning. Based on your reading, the app will then tell you how much carbohydrate, protein, and fat you should be eating that day.

You are also asked to indicate the amount of exercise you will do during the day. It is therefore important to be honest about this as it will impact the recommendations you will be given!

Over time, the recommendations will also be influenced by the data you provided on previous days.

It’s also a good idea to use the device again after eating your meals, as this will give you insight into how efficiently your body is using the carbs you just ingested.

Can the Lumen device help you lose weight?

Yes, provided you pay attention – used correctly, the Lumen device could help you achieve your weight loss goals.

As with most fitness aids, it’s all about consistency and accountability.

The device itself will encourage you to make food choices that allow your body to draw energy from those hard-to-reach fat stores, and advise you to eat healthier meals with fewer carbs and less fat.

However, there are then the small issues of following the device’s recommendations – and that’s up to you.

If you are happy to work for your goals, it will definitely work for you. We found that recording our breath was a pleasant and curious daily ritual, and as our diet adjusted, our mood and energy levels remained more stable throughout the day.

It’s not a perfect solution for losing or gaining weight, but using Lumen can make a difference if you’re dedicated.

How much does the Lumen device cost?

You can purchase your Lumen as part of one of several different packages that include in-app access for different time periods.

Right now you can get all of these packages at the best possible price because there’s a sale going on which means you can expect to pay £249 for the device and 6 months of follow-up (app usage ), £299 with a 12-month track or £499 for a 12-month premium track.

Helpful, Lumen also offers a money-back guarantee. So if you’re not 100% satisfied after 30 days of use, you can return your Lumen for a full refund, no questions asked, so you can try it risk-free.

Once your paid months have expired, the cost is £25 per month for using the app, and you will need to continue paying for the app if you wish to continue using the device.

What else will help me be healthy?

There are many ways to improve your overall health and physical condition.



The promise: “Metabolic tracking in the palm of your hands – hack your metabolism.”

Our takeaway: If you’re someone who loves stats – say, you’re a fan of your fitness tracker – this will probably come in extremely handy. It’s easy to use but requires a touch of dedication to do it consistently.

Over the course of a month, we found that following her advice on eating carbohydrates or protein helped stabilize our mood, leaving us more constantly energized and less tired in the afternoon.

(We also lost some weight, if that’s something you’re aiming for).

One for the tech/fitness nerds – but it works, if you work it.

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