Maharashtra Plans to Make Location Tracking Device Indispensable for Commercial Vehicles | Bombay News

ByLance T. Lee

Dec 15, 2020
MUMBAI: The state’s Department of Transportation is pushing forward a proposal for a Mandatory Vehicle Tracking System (VLTS) for all commercial vehicles – all taxis, private tour buses, school buses, and heavy goods vehicles – across Maharashtra.
State Transportation Commissioner Avinash Dhakne said the VLTS will have a tracking device in every commercial vehicle, which will make it easier to track its location and focus on vehicles breaking traffic rules. “A similar VLTS is working successfully in Kerala, where stray drivers are caught on highways through remote monitoring,” Dhakne said, adding that law enforcement agencies can check every vehicle. “You can see if a vehicle is accelerating on the freeway or cutting lanes. You can immediately alert the traffic officers on that road and intercept the vehicle, pursue the offender and impose penalties, ”he said.

The Department of Transportation will appoint an agency to provide the infrastructure for the VLTS, including the establishment of the command and control center for the state.
Sources said the state will also appoint authorized providers of the tracking device, which will become mandatory in the near future. The device will be linked to a central command center which will be monitored by the state transportation department for major state roads and highways.
It will also reduce the number of incidents and fatalities, Dhakne said.
Sources said the tracking device would be linked to the vehicle’s registration number.

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