Meta and TikTok lead the way in latest app download charts, while Snapchat gets more attention

ByLance T. Lee

Mar 22, 2022

TikTok continues to hold its place at the top of the download charts and cement its position as the trending app of the moment, while despite recent reports of its demise, Facebook is the most used social app, according to the latest statistics from (formerly App Annie).

According to Q1 2022 Application IndexInstagram and TikTok were the most downloaded apps at the start of the new year, while TikTok led overall consumer spending.

It’s worth noting that consumer spending data includes Chinese users on iOS, and that’s where a significant portion of TikTok’s revenue comes from (about 57% of overall revenue according to some reports). But even so, it’s clear that TikTok’s popularity is holding up – although Meta, of course, remains the dominant player in both downloads and active users.

But probably more interesting is the movement of apps away from the bigger players.

As noted by

“Snapchat jumped from 7th to 5th place in the previous quarter’s downloads chart […] Shopee, meanwhile, fell from 10th place in terms of downloads to 7th place. The Singapore-based mobile commerce company reported GAAP revenue of $5.1 billion for 2021 and ended the year in 13 countries across Asia, South America and Europe.

Shopwhich facilitates e-commerce, has been on the rise for some time and has seen strong momentum throughout the pandemic, while Snapchat has been able to maintain its presence, thanks in large part to its emphasis on private communication between friends.

Many younger users have come to rely on Snapchat as a key messaging platform for their more private chats – you talk to loved ones and general connections in, say, Messenger or WhatsApp, but keep Snap for other chats .

Snapchat’s enduring popularity, despite growing competition, bodes well for its future, especially as it looks to jump into the next wave of AR wearables.

Another piece of’s report examines overall consumer spending, which hit a new high for a first quarter. application report Q1 2022

“Overall, we expect consumer spending on apps to have increased by more than 40% in two years, with the total for iOS up nearly 42% from Q1 2020 and 44% for Google. Play.” also notes that iOS accounts for 65% of the $33 billion spent on the App Store globally, which is consistent with the previous five quarters. Android remains the most popular operating system, especially in developing regions, but iOS users are spending more, which is not surprising based on the demographic balance.

There are some interesting trends – nothing wildly unexpected, but worth noting anyway.

You can download’s full Q1 app performance report here.

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