Monitask time tracking software helps businesses ensure productivity is at its peak

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 21, 2022

Thousands of companies around the world have trusted Monitask to increase workplace productivity and reduce costs.

Monitask Tracking software is the all-in-one solution to help companies track employee time and project completion to ensure employees are performing at their highest level. As a result, teams using Monitask have seen worker efficiency increase by 10-80%.

The shift to remote and hybrid working – driven primarily by the COVID-19 pandemic – has challenged managers to find ways to monitor employee productivity. About 43% of employees work remotely and 48% of companies hire freelancers, hence the need for software that keeps executives informed of project progress and completion.

Monitask provides managers with clear insights into how employees work in many ways. For example, the software allows employees and contractors to manually clock in at the start of their shift or when they start working on an assignment. The app takes screenshots of employee computers so managers can make sure they’re working efficiently.

Managers can also use Monitask’s time tracking features to observe the work process in real time. For example, the software tracks employee web activity so employers can see when and how often distractions are happening to fix the problem with real data. Additionally, managers can monitor an employee’s workload, ongoing tasks, and working time.

Monitask records various statistics and generates reports to help bosses get a clear picture of the time spent on each project. Additionally, managers can use these reports to analyze employee performance and improve their business operations. Freelance team members and hourly workers can create timesheets for invoicing.

Activity is tracked only when an employee manually reports to work. Monitask only counts keystrokes and mouse movements – it does not log sensitive data. When an employee goes out for the day, Monitask shuts down.

Factors to consider when using employee monitoring software

Tracking employee productivity can help managers identify areas that are challenging their employees or slowing progress on a project. Plus, employers can see which employees are performing the best and which ones need upskilling. Finally, productivity tracking allows managers to assess the effectiveness of new initiatives.

An employee monitoring system works for many types of businesses, especially those that

– Have employees using computers every day
– Have remote employees or hire freelancers
– Want to improve the efficiency and productivity of their team
– Need for managers to devote less time to supervisory tasks

The software does not allow managers to remotely access their employees’ computers or monitor activity continuously.


By using employee tracking software like Monitask, companies can ensure that their employees are maintaining maximum productivity and using company resources efficiently.

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