NatWest is now launching the pilot of the Carbon Tracker application for SMEs

ByLance T. Lee

Mar 21, 2022
Digital bank

After its successful consumer carbon footprint tracking last year.

Image source: NatWest.

Tracking your carbon emissions is quickly becoming a must, and NatWest is working with fintech Cogo to enable its millions of SME customers to do just that.

NatWest today launched its own free Carbon Tracker app as a pilot for the manufacturing and transportation sectors.

The app works by logging into a professional client’s NatWest account and then using Cogo’s intelligence to assign an estimated carbon footprint to transactions.

SMBs can then use this data to track their emissions, compare them month to month, and find ways to reduce their footprint.

NatWest launched carbon footprint tracking for its retail customers last year by working with Cogo, a feature the bank says has been used by 150,000 retail account holders since November 2021.

“As the UK’s largest merchant bank, we know that many SMEs don’t know where to start on their sustainability journey, and many don’t have the time or resources to understand their impact. environment,” said Andrew Harrison, Chief Commercial Officer of NatWest. banking.

“Opportunities exist in all sectors of the economy, but the transport, agriculture and industrial sectors provide the most urgent and immediate positive business cases.”

Indeed, following the pilot project, Natwest announces its intention to deploy its Carbon Tracker application to all eligible SME customers.

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