New device helps dog parents track their pets

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 1, 2022

(Photo credit: Ian Payne/Getty Images)

Have you ever wondered what your dogs do when you’re not around?

Maybe you worked from home for a while, but returned to the office. Or maybe you just want to know what they’re doing all day. Sure, you can install dog cameras around the house, but that’s a lot of work and you’ll have to sit down to watch all the footage of your dog playing, eating, drinking, and sleeping.

Instead, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a new device, giving pet owners their dog’s location in real time.

The new device offers greater precision

PetTrack uses various censors to give dog parents an accurate location of their pet in real time. Ultra-wideband wireless radio sensors obtain the pet’s location. Then, accelerometer sensors – which measure the acceleration of something – tell the dog parent whether their dog is stationary or moving.

There’s also no need for big cameras or bulky devices. All you need is a small sensor that can fit on a collar and a smartphone app.

“PetTrack consists of two things: the first is to know the interior location of the animal and the second is to try to understand its activity,” said Ashutosh Dhekne, assistant professor at the School of Computer Science (SCS). “Together, combining where the animal is and what the orientation of the animal is, we can create a summary map of where the animal has been during the day and what activity it was doing.

When dogs have the house to themselves

Although dogs are social animals, sometimes they will need to be left home alone. But you can help them get used to being alone from a young age, while devices like PetTrack and dog cameras can help make sure they stay safe (and out of trouble). .

Even with a puppy, you can train him to be alone by leaving him in his crate or playroom for half an hour each day at first. Then gradually increase the time he is alone.

Some dogs may suffer from separation anxiety. If this is the case with your pup, you may need to hire a dog trainer. You can view the symptoms here.

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