New Warzone Stats Tracker App Shows KD Ratio, Lobby Difficulty & More

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 23, 2021

There is a brand new Warzone Stats Tracker app and it comes with a lot of features that players can use to measure their performance.

Warzone is an extremely competitive game – after all, only one team can win each game. This means that players are always looking to improve in order to get more wins.

One of the best ways for players to improve is to check their Warzone stats. However, it has not always been easy.

Warzone hides a lot of useful stats, and Activision even shut down the most popular Warzone SBMM website. Fortunately, there is now a great new app that players can use to view all of their Warzone stats, and it has a lot of details in it.

But to get the most out of the app, you will need to know exactly how SBMM works in Warzone.

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How to see your warzone stats using a tracker app

Previously, Warzone players could view their stats using a helpful SBMM website, however, many features of the site are locked behind a paywall. Now players can view all of this information and more for free.

The free TrackerNetwork smartphone app recently added a brand new Warzone tab that allows players to track almost any detail they want to know.

This includes standard stats like KD Ratio, Wins, Top 10, and more. Players can also discover more niche stats like their number of completed contracts and score per minute.

And, of course, you can view the average KD ratio of your lobbies to see what level of opponents you are up against. Or you can check if your favorite Warzone streamers have easy lobbies.

Warzone Rooftop Motorhome Sniper

Plus, you can even filter your stats for a specific game mode. For example, if you just want to see your stats for the new Iron Trials ’84 Warzone game mode, you can easily filter it.

One feature it lacks, however, is for top loads. Fortunately, players can explore the most popular weapon loadouts in Warzone using a different site.

Be sure to check out TrackerNetwork to see all of your Warzone stats.

Plus, if you find your lobbies too tough, there’s always a way around it. Find out how to use a VPN for easy lobbying in Warzone.

Orange Warzone Legendary Box

In other news, Warzone players scramble to complete all of the goals for the new event. Here are all the mobile broadcast station locations so you can complete the “The Numbers” challenges.

However, many players hate the “The Numbers” event in Warzone. Some even think it could be the worst event ever.

Finally, some issues never change. Even in September 2021, many players in Warzone are suffering from high ping and lag issues.

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