OnTerra Systems Announces New RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Mobile App

ByLance T. Lee

Feb 23, 2022

OnTerra Systems LLC

New RouteSavvy mobile app includes enhanced delivery management features and innovative smartphone GPS tracking

DENVER, Feb. 23 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OnTerra Systems (www.OnTerraSystems.com), developers of route planning software RouteSavvy (www.RouteSavvy.com), today announced a new RouteSavvy mobile app with new delivery and a new call management feature and improved GPS tracking on smartphones.

RouteSavvy is a web-based, subscription-based, software-as-a-service (SAAS) route planning software. Designed specifically for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, RouteSavvy generates more efficient routes for deliveries, pickups, service calls, and sales calls. More efficient routing significantly reduces fleet operating costs for fuel costs, maintenance expenses and labor costs. Additionally, RouteSavvy’s ability to generate more efficient routes typically results in increased company revenue, as more deliveries, pickups, or service calls can be incorporated into the workweek.

“RouteSavvy’s new mobile app is a game-changer for small businesses and nonprofits,” said Steve Milroy, president of OnTerra Systems. “By adding a mobile app that integrates directly with the RouteSavvy software, users can reap all the benefits of more efficient routing, as well as access to powerful new proof of delivery/call-out management features. service and GPS tracking that costs a fraction of traditional GPS tracking technology costs.

RouteSavvy Mobile App Delivery Management Features / Service Call Management

Highlights of the new delivery management/service call management features in the RouteSavvy mobile app include:

  • Ability to send routes to the mobile app from leading RouteSavvy route planning software: Users have always been able to create new routes and modify existing routes from the RouteSavvy route planner software. With the new RouteSavvy mobile app, RouteSavvy users can send routes to the user’s mobile device for review and stop completion.

  • Mark a stop as done: This function allows delivery drivers or service technicians to formally indicate that a delivery, pick-up or service call has been made.

  • Photo capture function: The digital photo feature allows users to take digital photos that can be used to prove that a delivery has been made (a digital photo of the package left at a delivery location); view details of a completed service call; and more. Digital photos are uploaded to the RouteSavvy server for 30 days and are associated with the delivery confirmation or service call record.

  • Signature capture function: The RouteSavvy mobile app also allows delivery drivers and/or service technicians to capture a customer’s signature once a delivery or service call has been made.

  • Notifications: The RouteSavvy mobile app can send notifications when a stop is marked as completed.

RouteSavvy Mobile App Smartphone GPS Tracking Improvements

RouteSavvy first introduced innovative GPS tracking using a driver’s smartphone in 2019. RouteSavvy’s smartphone-based GPS tracking for small to medium fleets uses the driver’s mobile device (mobile phone or tablet). ) for GPS tracking, instead of expensive GPS tracking hardware that must be purchased and installed on each vehicle. OnTerra Systems’ innovative technical approach allows small and medium fleets to experience all the benefits of GPS tracking at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware-based GPS tracking technology.

Highlights of the RouteSavvy mobile app’s enhanced GPS tracking features include the following:

  • Ability to enable and disable RouteSavvy GPS Tracking with one click: GPS tracking can be turned on when drivers or service technicians are on duty and turned off when the work day is over.

  • Battery optimization: When the vehicle is not moving, the RouteSavvy GPS tracker goes into sleep mode to save smartphone battery. When the vehicle starts moving again, RouteSavvy GPS tracking begins.

  • Fixed location: In many industries, there is often no official address associated with the place of delivery or service call. Examples include cell tower repairs, dumpster deliveries and maintenance, party rental supply deliveries (such as tables and chairs delivered to park locations), portable potty deliveries on construction sites, and more. Where delivery or service call stop locations do not have an official address, RouteSavvy can record these locations with a latitude-longitude designation. This allows for quick and efficient pickup or servicing of items delivered to locations not associated with formal addresses.

Additionally, RouteSavvy’s original GPS tracking features continue to be available as part of the new RouteSavvy mobile app with smartphone-based fleet tracking, including:

  • Real-time visualization of vehicle location from the office: Fleet managers can view the current positions of fleet vehicles in real time by tracking the driver’s mobile phone location;

  • “Breadcrumb” functionality: RouteSavvy GPS tracking via its mobile app provides vehicle location positions up to a week in the past (also known as “breadcrumbs”);

  • Location data export: Vehicle location data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for pattern analysis or record keeping;

  • Vs planned. Actual route comparisons: RouteSavvy’s GPS tracking allows fleet managers to compare planned routes to actual routes to improve future route planning.

  • Proof of Delivery Reports: This comes with photos and signatures captured on the mobile device.

The monthly cost for RouteSavvy route planning software starts at $39 per vehicle per month for one vehicle, with the monthly cost per vehicle decreasing as more vehicles in the fleet are added. The cost of the RouteSavvy mobile app starts at $15 per vehicle per month for one vehicle and decreases as more vehicles are added.

To deploy the RouteSavvy mobile app, users must first purchase the RouteSavvy route planning software. The RouteSavvy mobile app is an add-on that allows routing data to be sent to a driver’s smartphone or tablet. Fleet managers who want to try out the mobile app can sign up for RouteSavvy’s free 14-day trial. Once users have deployed a free trial or monthly subscription for RouteSavvy route planning software, they can add load the RouteSavvy mobile app.

About RouteSavvy
RouteSavvy (www.RouteSavvy.com) is an affordable, web-based route optimization software developed by US-based OnTerra Systems. RouteSavvy helps business owners generate more efficient routes for deliveries, pickups, service calls, and sales calls. RouteSavvy is only $39 per vehicle per month for 1 vehicle; $30 per vehicle per month for 2 to 5 vehicles; $25 per vehicle per month for 6 to 10 vehicles; with volume pricing available for fleets of 11 or more vehicles. RouteSavvy has proven ROI and delivers immediate savings that typically pays off the monthly investment within the first month of use. RouteSavvy also offers a companion mobile app with powerful delivery/service call management functionality and smartphone GPS tracking. OnTerra Systems also offers a RouteSavvy API so that software developers can integrate RouteSavvy route optimization functionality into the applications they develop.

About OnTerra Systems
Founded in 2005, OnTerra Systems is a software company that provides RouteSavvy routing software (www.RouteSavvy.com); the MapSavvy web-based mapping service as an affordable source of aerial imagery (www.MapSavvy.com); and Bing Maps integration products and licenses (www.OnTerraSystems.com). OnTerra Systems’ mission is to provide traditionally expensive web mapping technologies at affordable prices for small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. OnTerra Systems has thousands of customers and is a long-time Microsoft partner. OnTerra can be reached at: www.onterrasystems.com or 720.836.7201.

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