OODA Loop – The Software Supply Chain Security Mobilization Plan and Google’s Assured Open Source Software Initiative

ByLance T. Lee

Jun 14, 2022

Here at OODA Loop, during the recent wave of unprecedented joint cybersecurity advisories (CSAs), we praised CISA and the results of the Joint Cyber ​​Defense Collaborative (JCDC) – which only launched late last year. Overall, as Bob Gourley, Chief Technical Officer of OODA recently noted, “We are very pleased with the quality of work and professionalism of our government agencies’ recent reports on the nature of the cyber threat.”

The May 2022 OODA Network members’ meeting concluded with a discussion of recent developments at the White House – in partnership with major tech companies – regarding open source software and code security, including the Tech giants pledge $30 million to bolster open-source software security.

Somewhat unlike the CISA/JCDC cybersecurity efforts, it appears that this engagement and collaboration is also yielding results at an unprecedented rate. Specifically, Google has already planned a Q322 release of open source software libraries previously fully vetted by their security operation.

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