Partnership Enables Rapid Turnaround of 3D Printed Medical Devices

ByLance T. Lee

Jun 21, 2022

Amnovis and BAAT Medical have set up a partnership to jointly offer a rapid processing process for 3D printed medical devices. The two companies jointly cover the entire process, from initial design idea to medical engineering to legally manufactured and ready-to-use devices.

The business focus and technological expertise shared by Amnovis and BAAT Medical leads to more innovative business models and better 3D printed medical devices. Their joint technology roadmap, focused on developing new medical device applications and validating cutting-edge AM technologies and associated processes, drives medical device innovation. This enables medical device startups and OEMs to benefit from faster time to market for 3D printed medical devices that excel in patient outcomes.

Over the past few decades, additive manufacturing (AM) has built a reputation for innovation in the medical device industry. BAAT Medical pioneered the engineering and development of 3D printed spinal fusion implants, resulting in multiple CE marks and FDA approvals and over 50,000 implants manufactured to date. day. The founders of Amnovis have experience, dating back to 2008, in using AM to manufacture high-end products. They were among the first to use L-PFB to print titanium medical devices, such as orthopedic and spinal implants.

The collaboration between Amnovis and BAAT Medical combines the best of both companies. Together, they have a more comprehensive view of how to optimize design and development as well as material selection and manufacturing in the context of specific AM medical device applications. Both companies are working on a common technology and application roadmap and are actively validating new AM technologies to set new standards for specific types of medical devices. They align these efforts with the commercial potential and time-to-market of new AM technologies in the medical sector. As part of this effort, they delve deeper into AM materials and post-processing methods, as well as process automation and validation.

Ruben Wauthle, CEO and co-founder of Amnovis, said: “We are extremely proud to collaborate with BAAT Medical. We see great potential in the joint innovation of various AM medical device applications. We have known each other for years, share the same engine of innovation, and collaborate intensively to better align design and development with material selection and manufacturing. As preferred partners, our joint offering includes the complete process enabling customers and prospects to aim high and act fast, while breaking down barriers to medical device development, validation and manufacturing. At Amnovis, we rely on our comprehensive AM workflow and production platform, which is fully ISO 13485:2016 certified. Digital process automation allows us to provide full traceability and repeatability to flexibly develop the manufacture of standard and patient-specific AM medical devices.

Gert Nijenbanning, Managing Director of BAAT Medical, added: “It is great to intensify our collaboration with the AM innovators at Amnovis, with whom we have worked successfully before. We believe that development and production efficiencies throughout the supply chain are essential to keep investments in medical device innovations feasible, especially for European markets where MDR is a reality.Together, we want to support on the complementary expertise of Amnovis and BAAT Medical to collaborate and take 3D printing of medical devices to the next level. As preferred partners, we are able to cover the entire process, from initial idea to a certified product. We partner to optimally utilize the possibilities of current and future AM technologies in new business models for medical devices with better patient outcomes. Amnovis and BAAT Medical together push the boundaries of medical device OEM innovation and move faster through development, validation and manufacturing stages.”

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