PCC Secures Funding To Protect Lincoln Women With CCTV Tracker App

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 5, 2021

Some £ 400,000 in government funding will be used to make Lincoln streets safer for women, including the development of a phone app that allows women to be monitored by CCTV when they return home.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones has made an offer of funding for the program, which has now received government support.

The money will come from the government’s Safer Streets Fund and will include the development of Key Step Five educational materials that promote women’s rights, further encourage crime reporting and expand city center CCTV coverage. of Lincoln.

In addition to this, a campaign will be funded to change attitudes and challenge social norms based on gender stereotypes, as well as to promote positive behavior in society.

Part of the plan will see the development of a mobile app that would allow users to advertise their location to the Lincoln City Council CCTV control room, meaning they can be monitored to ensure safety.

All elements of the plan will be co-developed with women and girls as well as experts in the field, in response to the tragic case involving Sarah Everard, when Metropolitan Police Officer Wayne Couzens kidnapped her , raped and murdered while walking in London. earlier this year.

Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones. | Photo: Lincolnshire Police

The bid is the third successful safer streets bid for Lincolnshire to date, with PCC Marc Jones providing additional funding of £ 500,000 for projects in the county’s north and east coasts.

Mr Jones said: “The project is one of the most important steps ever taken to protect women and girls in Lincoln.

“It is designed to tackle the problem of their safety through education, technology, training, increased awareness and working in partnership and I hope this holistic approach will provide lasting solutions.

“This is only one step on the way to ensuring that women and girls can be and feel safe, but I think it is a very important step.”

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