Popular period tracking app, ‘Flo’ announces ‘Anonymous’ mode

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 27, 2022

A popular period-tracking app, Flo, has announced that it will now offer an “anonymous mode” for privacy-conscious users. Since the reversal of Roe Vs. Wade, many women have worried about their reproductive rights. Many states had trigger bans in place, and they went into effect almost immediately, and abortion became something that could be considered a crime.

This means that women are forced to be extremely careful about their privacy and the apps on their phones that they use to track their period. They may be wary of the information given out if their data were to be “leaked” and find that their period was late.


According to The Verge, period-tracking apps are starting to review their privacy plans, and Flo is one of the most popular period tracking apps available today. They announced that they were going to launch an “anonymous” mode, protecting the identity of those who use it.

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The company presented its new plan, and it can be read in full here. They stated that by introducing this method, it will allow a disconnect between the user and any credential. This means that users can use the app and it will not link their name, email address or even their IP address.

The company said the move is a direct response to Roe Vs. Wade, and they hope more health apps will follow suit and offer similar options to their users.. Roman Bugaev is the Chief Technology Officer for Floand he said the world is “not designed” for privacy, which means companies need to change the way they do things while keeping that in mind.

The concern is that information about these apps will be used to prosecute those seeking abortions, despite experts saying this will not be the primary means law enforcement uses to pursue cases. However, it’s never dangerous to be careful, and since the rollover, it’s the first period tracker app to change its privacy settings.

Period and cycle tracking apps are also known to not offer the best privacy protection, and this app has been accused of leaking user data before, so they take it very seriously. They realized they had learned how harmful it could be and in this modern world they want to make sure their users know they can be protected while using the app.

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