Quid Ika – Squid Game Show Craze inspires new crypto wallet tracking app and community token, Quid Ika

ByLance T. Lee

Nov 9, 2021

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quid Ika has live utility and active users on his app, Quidity.io.

Quid Ika offers two unique opportunities for investors:

  • A low market cap deflationary token with a previously published whitepaper and live utility, with a paid and ongoing Certik audit. Certik’s 24-hour security, SkyNet, is also live.

  • All Quid holders get rewarded $QUID “thoughts” on every buy/sell. 2% of each purchase/sale is redistributed among all 1+ Quid holders, in proportion to their % of the overall supply.

Quid Ika is a newly launched token that combines utility and memorability. With a live utility and active users, their app, Quidity.io, is a one-stop-shop for crypto enthusiasts that offers portfolio thinking and tracking, whale portfolio monitoring, live charting, and trading. dex, token news, etc. They also have a launch pad to help others who have little or no experience in creating contracts to launch their own Ika token into the “Ikasystem”. Users will be charged a small fee per transaction, with revenue from listings and launch tokens going towards redemption and burns of Quid, which will ultimately help stabilize and increase the value of Quid.

Quid Ika plans to continue developing the Quidity app and getting more tokens listed with the goal of making it the first place people can get their token information. The Quidity app will also launch on iOS and Android in the near future, with plans to continue to grow Ikasystem by releasing more tokens through Quid Ika’s Launchpad, which will ultimately build a stronger user network.

Quid Ika’s branding was inspired by a number of things, namely the word “ika” meaning squid in Japanese. Quid Ika’s logo and ticker, $QUID, play on the memorization of Netflix’s Squid Game, a huge international hit. Quid is also British slang for ‘pound’ (money), and of course, a nod to the power of the mighty squid itself.

Links to more information on Quid Ika can be found below:

Website: https://quidika.com
Quidity app: https://quidity.io
Certik: https://www.certik.org/projects/quidika
White paper: https://ink.quid.gg

“Our project is community-driven, as opposed to a developer or team running the show. At Quid Ika, we believe in the importance of differing opinions and diversity in creativity. Thus, Quidverse was born – our system of community government where no one makes the decisions. Quidverse is divided into groups based on the number of tokens held. All leaders of Quid Ika had to invest their place in the higher ranks. You cannot buy loyalty, but the people can truly show they’re loyal by buying 10 million QUIDs, HOLDING, and joining the Colossals – the highest tier of Quid Ika in the Quidverse – The Quid Ika Team

(Not associated with the TV show or recent Squid Games BSC token scam)

CONTACT: Company: Quid Ika Email Contact: [email protected] Website: https://quidika.com

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