Ready for 4/20? This clean laser-burning smoking device could heat things up

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 20, 2022

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Although April 20 is meaningless to those not taking part in the horticulture-related festivities, you can expect a day of celebration with a CBD boost. And, while your trusty college pipe may have gotten you through some tough times, adult behavior is to understand that there are other props out there that don’t involve tinfoil and third degree burns.

An example is this Hitoki Trident. Featured on Mashable and Forbes and marketed by Hitoki as the “Ultimate Smoking Experience”, this modern smoking device is a great accomplice if you want to participate in (almost legal) 4/20 activities or otherwise, and it’s available for $499.99.

With a minimalist design and one-button function, this device has no frills, so it’s simply an easy smoke for you and all your buds (no pun intended). Utilizing laser capabilities, the Trident provides a chemical-free, butane-free, and flame-free experience perfect for those who both hate the taste of burnt flowers and are accident-prone. The battery lasts over 280 firings on a single charge, and the clean flavor seal of approval ensures high flavor when vaping.

Using this bad boy is simple: just charge, lock and turn on. That’s it! It’s that easy to start a relaxing journey to a clean smoke and puff. And while we can’t tell you what to put here, you probably already know what we’re thinking.

Speaking of dodgy, the use and legality of anything smokable varies from state to state, so be sure to follow the rules so we can continue to have great stuff. And you may want to contact your doctor before ingesting (or in this case, inhaling) anything foreign.

Get the Hitoki Trident: The Ultimate Smoking Experience for $499.99.

Prices subject to change.

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