Renault Begins Rollout of Localized Dealer Advertising Using Cartelux Ad Technology Software – Campaign Briefing

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 20, 2022
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Cartelux, the Australian advertising technology company, has announced the extension of its existing partnership with Renault Australia, which will see the company’s centralized digital marketing solution rolled out across the entire Renault Australia dealership network.

The rollout began on September 1, following a successful and extensive testing period with selected dealers. Participating dealerships saw their web traffic increase by 20-80% over the period. Cartelux software is used to target potential Australian customers in all states and territories through Renault’s 54 dealerships, providing each dealership with a live media analytics facility to track advertising performance.

Cartelux technology enables Renault to drive dealer-specific marketing innovation by simplifying and automating the process of creating, approving and buying digital advertisements. Cartelux also enables dynamic personalization and localization of creative assets by each dealership, while delivering a cohesive brand campaign.

Thanks to Cartelux, Renault dealers can create and amplify advertising campaigns in 60 seconds, allowing them to react quickly to market and inventory changes. Cartelux’s partnership with Renault Australia is part of a wider partnership between the software company and Google, which Google has dubbed “the future of automotive retail”.

According to Elena Woods, Marketing Communications Manager, Renault Australia, “At Renault Australia, we place great importance on empowering our dealers to send a targeted message to market customers that is both brand consistent and meets the specific requirements of the Australian market. . The pilot showcased the competitive advantage we gained by using the software.

“This saves Renault dealerships time and money that would otherwise have been spent setting up, producing and amplifying their own campaigns. This is a first for Renault Australia, and we are delighted to present this initiative to our global counterparts.

“The Cartelux software also gives us access to the world-class media targeting capability of Google and Meta to use across our sales network. This facilitates brand compliance and provides more consistent communications. »

Patrick Doble (pictured above), Global Managing Director of Cartelux, said: “We are delighted, as a global company, to name Renault Australia as a new customer in our own territory. Our software makes it easy for every Renault dealership to run sophisticated and targeted advertising campaigns – the results speak for themselves after an extremely successful test run.

Cartelux is experiencing significant growth both domestically and internationally and has announced key hires to the management team: Hervé Genin, Managing Director EMEA, last year, and Kristin Harder, Global Head of Strategy and partnerships this year.

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