Residents seek sound measuring device as evidence against Formula 1 race

ByLance T. Lee

May 6, 2022

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA. – Formula 1 has been given the green light to speed through Miami Gardens this weekend, but residents against the race aren’t ready to give up their efforts.

A South Florida judge ruled he wouldn’t block Formula 1 racing and decided to take legal action over fears the noise generated by race cars could cause them hearing loss.

Lawyers representing residents in a lawsuit trying to stop Formula 1 races taking place so close to their homes due to noise concerns have told Local 10 that a device to measure noise is believed to be installed by race operators at Lake Lucerne City Park, about a block away. at Hard Rock Stadium.

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Neighbors say the area is fenced off for improvements and when another resident, David Dykes, went to look for the device, he couldn’t find it.

Dykes’ biggest concern is what loud noises from racing vehicles might do to people’s hearing.

To get an idea of ​​the potential damage, Local 10 brought in a sound monitoring device to test the levels of sound the cars are emitting from the track.

The points displayed varied between 78 and 82 decibels.

A Yale University environmental health and safety chart indicates that prolonged exposure to between 80 and 90 decibels of noise can cause hearing loss.

“The judge in the case said if you wear earplugs or leave, that would be, if they put him in his ward, what would he do. He’ll put on earplugs, come on man, that’s a load of bullshit,” Dykes said.

Even if Local 10 or Dykes could locate the device, it is believed to provide evidence for the case to be able to determine the potential damage the decibels of racing car noise can cause.

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