Russia suspends food exports from Ukraine; Civilians get a missile and drone tracking app!

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 30, 2022


The Black Sea Grains Agreement, which allowed necessary exports of Ukrainian foodstuffs, has been suspended indefinitely, according to a letter from the Russian government to the United Nations. Moscow has also asked the UN Security Council to hold a related meeting in New York on Monday. Russian activities, according to US Vice President Joe Biden, are reprehensible. The UN secretary-general has urged Russia and Ukraine to continue the grain deal, which has enabled Ukraine to export more than 8 million tonnes of grain and cut food costs in the world. On November 19, the agreement between Ukraine and Russia was due to expire.

After Moscow accused the British Navy of a “terrorist attack” on Nord Stream gas pipelines and alleged that British “specialists” had participated in a drone attack in Sevastopol, the British Ministry of Defense said that the Ministry Russian Defense “peddled false accusations of epic proportions”. ‘. According to Britain’s Ministry of Defence, “this most recent fabricated story says more about the conflicts within Russia’s leadership than it does about the West.”

After coordinated Russian attacks on power plants, Volodymyr Zelenskiy indicated that even if the Ukrainian electricity supply improves, emergency power cuts may still be necessary. Although limitations are still possible in some cities and districts, there is now significantly less stabilization [measures] and emergency power outages today. Didier Reynders, the EU justice commissioner, estimates that since Moscow invaded Ukraine, the European Union has blocked Russian assets worth around 17 billion euros (14.6 billion pounds sterling or $17 billion).

According to reports, Russia and Ukraine exchanged up to 100 prisoners of war. On Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that after negotiations, Ukraine had handed over 50 prisoners of war. Following another “captive exchange”, the Ukrainian Armed Forces Telegram account reported that “52 Ukrainians have returned home”.

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has drawn criticism from Mykhailo Podolyak, a Ukrainian presidential adviser. The billionaire and Tesla CEO this month posted a Twitter poll suggesting that Ukraine permanently cede Crimea to Russia, that referendums be held on the fate of the Russian-held territory under the auspices of the UN and that Ukraine accepts neutrality. This drew anger from Kyiv and praise from Moscow.

The important city of Kherson in southern Ukraine has been completely evacuated, according to Russian-backed forces. Before the war, there were around 288,000 people living in the city, and it was among the first to fall to Moscow forces after the invasion in February. At least 70,000 people had evacuated their homes the previous week, according to a Russian official based in Kherson.

In order to increase the proportion of Russian drones and missiles that are shot down before they reach the ground, Ukrainian volunteers have created a mobile phone application that will allow citizens to report sightings of Russian missiles and drones in approach. A user simply needs to point their phone in the direction of the object to use the ePPO app, which uses a phone’s GPS and compass.

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