Semtech’s LoRa Connect Optimizes CWD Limited’s Dual Combo Module for IoT Device Connectivity

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 8, 2022


Semtech announced that CWD Limited has developed a dual combo module incorporating Semtech’s LoRa Connect platform and standard LoRaWAN connectivity along with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to optimize high-speed, long-range wireless communication for device connectivity. IoT devices.

The CWD CBTLRM02 dual combo module is used in smart meters and wearable devices with Semtech’s LoRa Connect (SX1262) system-on-chip (SoC) for communication in the 150 MHz to 960 MHz bands for LoRa combined with BLE for the band 2.4GHz ISM.

This provides extended range at extremely low power to enable a host of applications such as asset tracking, agricultural and horticultural sensors, and industrial automation.

Additionally, by housing the software stack and business logic on the board, the need for an external microcontroller (MCU) and external antennas is eliminated, reducing product BOM costs.

“With the dual wireless capabilities of LoRaWAN and BLE, the CWD module makes any IoT device extremely energy efficient while delivering an extremely rich feature set,” said Siddhartha Xavier, Chief Strategy Officer, CWD.

“Our recent deployments have highlighted the capabilities of LoRa devices, known for long range, low power, and LoRaWAN for cost-effective end-to-end communication,” Xavier continued.

CWD’s dual combo module is integrated into ATEX-certified smart ID cards that are currently deployed in hazardous work environments such as oil rigs, mines, and construction sites where ensuring security is imperative. employee safety.

The easily deployable devices track and monitor employee mobility at heights and depths greater than 2 km and send SOS alerts upon detecting potential emergency situations. Smart ID cards are also being deployed in hospitals to track staff and patients.

“Hybrid solutions for IoT devices bring what were once considered competing technologies into a holistic offering that leverages the strengths of different connectivity protocols,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president and general manager of the wireless product group. yarn and sensing from Semtech.

“Semtech’s LoRa Connect portfolio combined with complementary connectivity options, like BLE, gives customers wider geographic coverage for asset tracking devices while making network deployments much less complicated,” Pegulu continued.

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