Setting up an Offshore Software Development Center in India: Hire Remote Developers @PROVAB

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 29, 2022

“Setting up an offshore development center”

Provab helps global companies to set up offshore software development centers in India. Starting with IT infrastructure and setting up technical teams (dedicated web and mobile application developers), we work closely with clients to keep them at the forefront.

A recent global outsourcing market study concluded that around 52% of global companies prefer to outsource their IT needs to India. And this trend is looking to grow at a rate of 5-6% in the short term.

Given the pace of growth in IT/ITES demand in the United States and Europe, the implementation offshore development center has become a good option for faster scaling and for good cost reasons. By outsourcing software development, product development and application development, companies are able to hire skilled developers in India at a faster pace and with lower resource acquisition cost.

PROVAB is the leading IT consulting firm, headquartered in Bangalore, India. We build on-demand software development teams for global clients. Powered by the power of top technology talent @PROVAB, our clients design, architect and deliver sophisticated IT products and technology solutions that create lasting value in their industry.

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At the Global Services Location Index™ (GSLI), India is ranked first in terms of magnetism for outsourcing. There are best IT and ITES companies in India catering to different requirements of global customers.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing to India

It is well known that the cost of acquiring resources in western countries like the United States is high. So, when it comes to price and quality of work, India has a huge pool of talent available at all times. By moving their business services to India, companies can take advantage of cost differences and get their services at a lower price and high quality. Hire programmers and set up a dedicated IT team to get the most out of outsourcing.

Outsourced IT Services in India –

1. Development of computer products

2. Portal development

3. Booking Extranet

4. E-commerce solutions

5. Car rental software platforms

6. Online learning systems

7. Travel Technology

8. Enterprise Apps

9. On-demand apps

10. Customer ERP systems

11. Health/telemedicine applications

12. Improved apps

13. IATA Systems

14. GDS integration (Amedee / Galilee / Saber)

Build your offshore development center in India with PROVAB

Global companies are understandably concerned about the capacity and competence of developers/testers/experts who will work on their projects in offshore teams. This is an important factor in outsourcing decisions. With PROVAB as your offshore development partner, you won’t have to worry about that.

India Remote Software Teams Hiring Process

Facts to consider to keep detailed track of your remote web developers in India:

Pass the interview: A remote developer is a judge based on the efficiency and speed with which communication and tasks are handled.

Sign legal agreements: Agreement such as NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and others needed as per client requirements.

Quick communication tools: Remote developers need to know how to manage communication software and also project management tools to help customers see their progress with screen sharing, add tickets, track work, etc.

Define the task for the developer: Assign a project manager to take a regular look at the project, provide reports and update them regularly.

Job tracking software: The software would provide a complete detailed report of hours worked, coding, and time taken. This will allow both parties to have an idea of ​​the ongoing development.

Over the past four quarters, PROVAB has experienced strong demand for tele-

1 – Full Stack Developers

2 – Dot Net Developers

3 – Java Developers

4 – PHP Developers

5 – Android Developers

6 – Angular Developers

7 – Python Developers


Whether you want to minimize your costs, include advanced technologies to grow your business, outsourcing to India could be the right step. There are many benefits you can take advantage of, cost advantages you can exploit, timely labor updates, 24-hour maintenance and support, and a technology stack you can bring to the table when you choose to outsource development to India.

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