Shipwell launches app with all-in-one TMS and visibility tool

ByLance T. Lee

Apr 20, 2022

Cloud-based shipping and logistics company Shipwell has launched a new all-in-one mobile app for shippers that includes simultaneous access to a transportation management system and visibility tool.

The app, which focuses on both shipper and carrier, is designed to increase capacity, especially during peak periods like the current produce season. Shipwell said in a press release that the app can help increase productivity, streamline business functions and supply chain management, improve turnaround times, provide better communication between partners shipping and to improve the quality of customer service.

Although the app was created to allow the remote workforce of shippers to communicate with other shipping partners, it also has a carrier/driver/shipper side.

Drivers, dispatchers and owner-operators can use the app to book loads, manage documents, message shippers and track shipments in real time. Carriers and shippers can manage their supply chains, gain visibility into shipments, connect with shipping partners, and manage and report shipping exceptions in real time.

“Proactively resolving and mitigating exceptions and their impacts has helped us achieve 98% on-time delivery and pickup metrics for our customers,” said Jerry Holbus, Vice President of Product Shipwell.

The visibility and tracking tool, called Compass Dashboard, houses all shipments in multiple alert tiles that have been sorted into statuses such as “overdue pickup or delivery”, “critical shipment”, “not tracked” and many other related categories. Users can proactively resolve exceptions by choosing relevant corrective actions for each alert category, all from a single screen.

Shipwell’s technology uses machine learning for accurate ETA predictions that take into account upcoming traffic and weather conditions the shipment will face in an effort to streamline processes from the first to the last mile.

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