Slinger’s AI Tennis App Receives VICON Validation Ahead of Beta Launch

ByLance T. Lee

Mar 24, 2022

Slinger Bag Inc.

Slinger Bag Inc.

Slinger has received VICON validation for AI

Slinger has received VICON validation for AI

ACU’s SPRINT Research Center has validated the AI ​​accuracy of the Slinger app with its VICON system, the benchmark for motion capture and precision testing

BALTIMORE, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Slinger® (OTCQB: SLBG), a leading connected sports technology company, announced a successful test of its tennis app conducted at the SPRINT Research Center at Australian Catholic University (ACU). The renowned ACU research team compared the accuracy of the proprietary AI developed by Slinger to its VICON system, known as the gold standard for motion capture and tracking. With this next big step now complete, Slinger is now ready for the beta version of the app.

The validation study was conducted by Dr. Grant Duthie and Dr Raul Landeo from the Center for Research in Sports Performance, Recovery, Injuries and Emerging Technologies (SPRINT) and the university’s School of Behavioral and Health Sciences. Lecturer Dr Duthie is a player-driven microtechnology expert who has also worked with FIFA, the Australian Rugby Union and the Japan Rugby Union. “Slinger wanted to know if he could accurately follow landmarks on the body as they move through a defined space,” he said. “It gives me a big tick. The AI ​​technology showed excellent agreement in tracking body cues. The overall correlation of r=0.93 across all benchmarks for tracking XY position in space quantifies how well this AI performs compared to VICON.

VICON’s 3D motion analysis is used by the SPRINT research group for biomechanical analysis in a range of projects and tracks the positions of body joints with a high level of accuracy (down to the millimetre). The ACU research team had previously worked with Slinger’s portfolio company, GAMEFACE.AI, which built the app’s AI infrastructure.

“The type of AI in our app has never been developed for the tennis market before, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure its accuracy and validity,” said Slinger CEO Mike Ballardie. “Users will enjoy a similar experience to the best health and fitness apps in terms of personalization and personalization. Now that we have proven our technology in this capacity, we will work with our community to ensure that the information provided is appropriate for all gamers The ability to generate accurate information from a smartphone was one of the driving forces behind our acquisition of GAMEFACE.AI, and it is gratifying to see this validated.

Over 3,000 tennis enthusiasts signed up as official Slinger beta testers last year, and a number of them will soon have access to the app for early testing. In addition to curated coaching content and Slinger Bag-specific drills, the app will capture video and data and turn it into personalized insights, measuring key elements of a tennis player’s game, from baseline to transfer of weight at the point of contact, and will make suggestions for improvement.

“Body-worn microtechnology is barely recognizable from what first appeared about 20 years ago,” Doctor. Duthie said. “The big change has been in camera-based systems. It’s really mind-boggling to think about what AI will do two decades from now.”

SPRINT also provides research and consulting services to high performance environments including professional and collegiate sports organizations, governing bodies as well as defense, special operations and emergency services units to achieve excellence. in their specific areas. The services provided by SPRINT cover their three main research programs; performance, recovery and injury; all of which are supported with a focus on new and emerging technologies.


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About Slinger: Slinger is a connected sports company that provides products and technologies for the “Watch, Play, Learn” sports business. Slinger makes the sport more fun, accessible and connected with its ball launchers, artificial intelligence technology, video performance, live streaming and club management software capabilities.

Slinger initially built its brand in the global tennis market, through its revolutionary Slinger tennis ball launcher and accessories, with over $250 million in retail value in worldwide distribution deals and became the one of the largest connected sports companies in the world with its acquisitions of PlaySight. Interactive, GAMEFACE.AI and Foundation Tennis. With its enhanced product, video performance and live multimedia capabilities, Slinger has positioned itself as a leading and disruptive company in the global sports market.

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