So you can change the voice of your device with Alexa

ByLance T. Lee

Feb 20, 2022

Alexa can be used in Amazon smart speakers and some other devices from other brands, including our own smartphone, where we can place it as the default assistant.

Alexa is perhaps the assistant that has evolved the most over the years and the one that works more naturally today.

The question is whether we really know what Alexa is, what it offers us or how to take advantage of it, for example by changing the voice it normally has for another.

What is Alexa?

If you ask most people this question, they will tell you that Alexa is to Amazon what Siri is to Apple, i.e. a machine for requesting or sending certain tasks, which is integrated into the Amazon Echo, on Fire TV and on smartphones that want to install it.

The truth is, when you use Alexa, you’re really communicate with a cloud service from Amazon, in which they created voice commands to make it sound like we are having a conversation.

When we say Alexa, we are telling this system to pay attention to the remaining voice commands so that it interprets them, responds to us and does what we have asked.

But why did they call her Alexa?

The truth is that, as various Amazon executives have stated on several occasions, and especially David Limp, the person in charge of this project, everything has to do with the library of alexandriawho tried in ancient times to have all human knowledge in one place, something similar to what this service is looking for.

Besides, the added an X in the name was also guaranteed to have a sound that is not common in a name. However, if someone close to you has this name or a name similar to this, we can always change the alert name to Amazon, Echo or Computer.

What can we do with Alexa?

The list of things and responses Alexa can do grows every day as it continually incorporates improvements.

In addition, Alexa provides us with different Skills that are fadditional features added by third parties to make this wizard even better. It is as if we are talking about applications that are incorporated to work exclusively with this service, which we can choose from the Skills store.

In addition to all these skills, Alexa includes so many commands that we can do countless things.

Some examples can be the following:

  • Place an Amazon order simply by telling Alexa.
  • Follow our orders.
  • Know the news of the day.
  • Know what the weather will do in our city.
  • Know what time it is exactly.
  • We have sports information.
  • Put on different radio stations such as Cadena SER or OndaCero, among others.
  • Set an alarm clock.
  • Schedule a reminder.
  • Use a timer.
  • Create a calendar event.
  • Make a shopping list or any other type.
  • Search for a specific location or business.
  • Know the opening hours of the different businesses
  • Put on your favorite music.
  • Ask questions about famous people.
  • Ask for math results.
  • Call whoever we want.
  • Tell us a story or a joke.

Here are some of the things Alexa can do, in addition to generate routines, something very useful that consists in the fact that with a single command the wizard already knows what to do automatically. It’s very practical when you get up or when you come home, for example.

If you have a home with security cameras, smart devices, or home automation, Alexa provides control Above all, without the slightest problem and in a simple way, by controlling it by voice.

If you have one of the newer Amazon Echos with Alexa in Spanish, here are some commands you can use to get the most out of this speaker.

How to change your voice?

Once we know what it is and what we can use it for, we can customize it a bit to our liking, changing the female voice to that of Ziggy, the male voice of the wizardwhich was presented by Amazon in July last year 2021.

Currently this option is not yet available in Spain, but it will come sooner rather than later and when it is you can make it effective.

  • If we want to change the voice in the Echo, Echo Show, or Echo Dot you have to use a voice command as it is Alexa, change your voice.
  • Once we tell you and if the option has arrived in your country, Alexa will ask us on which device (provided you have more than one) you want to change your voice.

After indicating it, Alexa will automatically respond with the male voice that we have already told you about.

We also have the possibility of activating this same change from the application of the mobile phone, whether Android or iOS.

  • Once we are in the application and registered, we must go to Deviceswhich is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then click on echo and alexaso that we can see which devices we can configure.
  • Once the one we want selected, we must click on Settings (top right) then enter Alexa voicewhere you can select the male voice we told you about.

Shopping guide that will help you understand which devices are compatible with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and which option is best for you.

As you can see it is very simple, although if it has not yet arrived in your country, have a little patience because the new male voice will surely arrive and you can use it if you like it more than the current one from Alexa.

In the end, this assistant shows that it is extremely complete, not only by the number of commands it can contain, because we can create routines, because we can make it do what we want when certain sounds sound and that the system reacts as we have configured it, but also because they also innovate in terms of personalization.

Whether or not to change Alexa’s voice may seem trivial, but it’s true that it’s one more step in a configuration that appeals to all types of users. Because it is already known, there is nothing written about tastes, and the more they let us put to our taste, the better it will be integrated.

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