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ByLance T. Lee

Aug 6, 2021

ISS Satellites & Star Tracker helps you identify the best time to spot the International Space Station and Starlink satellites in your night sky.

Enter your location and tap to find the best times to observe them near your area. Reminders can be set for upcoming launches and / or high visibility sightings around your location. ISS satellites and routes in low earth orbit can be discovered using the “live map”.

Track Starlink satellites and the International Space Station in real time with HD Live map and intelligent tracking engine. Explore the universe and life in space from an astronaut’s perspective with live video direct from NASA.

You may also have the chance to observe the stars while tracking orbits through live videos. Plan ahead your plan to spot ISS and SpaceX satellites in the night sky in your area with stats and reminders provided.

Satellites ISS & Star Tracker gives you access to 24/7 live HD video of Earth & Starlink launch recorded directly by NASA. As the ISS station orbits at an average altitude of 250 miles (400 kilometers), you can track its camera and explore the entire surface of the Earth in about 93 minutes.

Launched 60 at a time, the Starlink is described as a “train” of lights moving gracefully through our skies. With Google Maps built into the app, users can easily track the ISS and Starlink around the world and monitor its movements.

Characteristics of the ISS and Star Tracker satellites:
+ Live camera feed from the ISS and Starlink direct from NASA.
+ Follow the ISS and Starlink around the world with a live map.
+ Reminders for future Starlink visits with visibility forecasts.
+ View live statistics from the ISS and Starlink to locate it more easily in the night sky.
+ Planned location of the ISS and Starlink for users for better monitoring and planning in the night sky.

To note:
When the International Space Station is on the night side of Earth, the video image is black – this is normal. Please don’t worry!

Sometimes live video is not available due to transmission issues or because the team changes cameras. In such cases, you will usually have a blue or blank screen. In a few minutes the transmission should return to normal, so relax for a moment. This is not a problem with the app.

Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with NASA, ISS, Starlink, or any space-related platform. All videos are copyright reserved by NASA, we do not own any of these videos.

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