SunLive – Lifesaving device stolen from Te Puna Quarry Park

ByLance T. Lee

Nov 19, 2022


Volunteers at Te Puna Quarry Park are shocked to find their defibrillator was ripped from the wall and removed from the park on Friday evening.

The lifesaving device was installed at Te Puna Quarry Park less than 12 months ago following a generous donation from Tauranga resident Murray Wilson.

Murray’s daughter, Melisa Wilson, who is a trustee of Heartbox NZ, saw the unit go missing on Saturday morning as she walked her dog in the park.

“I noticed he was jimmied. They used a crowbar and took the whole lock box, but left the red lid behind,” says Melisa.

She immediately texted Te Puna Quarry Park committee member Shona Purves asking if she knew about the theft.

“She says ‘no’ but she says she was working at the park on Friday – yesterday – and the unit was there at the time, so it happened overnight.”

Melisa says Shona contacted the police.

The AED was ripped from the wall on Friday evening, November 18, with the lid left behind. Photo: supplied.

‘Police received a report this morning at around 10am that a defibrillator had been taken from outside the property overnight at an address on Te Puna Quarry Road,’ a police spokesperson said. .

“The police are investigating”

The new AED unit was stored in a locked box on the outside wall of the gallery inside the park.

or anyone needing to use an AED urgently to help save a life, access is gained by calling 111 which will issue the code to access the AED from the locked box.

The Te Puna Quarry Park Society, which runs the park, originally held a plant sale to raise funds for AED, which costs around $3,000. The plant sale also included CPR and AED demonstrations for attendees to educate them on the ease of using an AED.

“As a family, we use the park a lot,” says Melisa. “Dad goes out about two to three times a week. I told him I’d like to have an AED installed there. Lots of people go there, many of the volunteers are elderly and with the traffic conditions in Tauranga every minute is vital so having an AED on hand is essential.

“The volunteers planned a plant sale to raise the funds they needed, but my dad said he loved the place so much and decided to donate it.”

The DEA was ripped from the wall on Friday evening, November 18. Photo: provided.

Te Puna Quarry Park is increasingly popular with people of all ages and having an accessible AED in the park, where crowds of people visit frequently, particularly in summer, means that lives can be saved.

Studies by St John have found that without the use of CPR and an AED, the odds of surviving cardiac arrest decrease by 10% every minute.

However, using an AED can increase the chances of survival by 44%.

“We saw the need to install an AED as a safety measure for visitors to our park, because every minute counts when someone is in cardiac arrest,” says Shona.

“With the ever-increasing traffic congestion in the area, this was a concern for all of us on the committee.”

The volunteers and members were thrilled to receive such a generous donation from Murray and to use the funds they had raised through the sale of the mill for much-needed trail maintenance.

“But now a thug has ripped off the AED unit,” Melisa explains. “They just left bolts and the red cover.”

Many community groups and volunteers help raise funds for Te Puna Quarry Park, including the Bethlehem Te Puna Lions who staged a sausage sizzle at the recent Te Puna Quarry Park Plant Day held over the weekend. -end last. Photo: Doug Morris.

Melisa says surveillance footage from security cameras should help police identify the thief or thieves.

Any business interested in investing in an AED unit for their local community is welcome to speak to The Heart Box NZ Charity on 0800 25 25 00 or email [email protected]

Anyone with knowledge of the location of the stolen AED unit is asked to contact the police on 105 quoting police reference 221119/6057. To report a crime anonymously: Call Crime Stoppers free of charge on 0800 555 111.

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