Tech experts say it’s the worst social media app to download on your iPhone

ByLance T. Lee

Feb 1, 2022

No matter how many data breach discoveries are exposed or how many times they leave you with a drained battery, it’s time to admit it: social media apps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. People will keep downloading them because they provide both a fun distraction and a way to keep in touch with people we know (and will never meet) and feel closer to the outside world. But there may come a time when your iPhone refuses to perform as well as it used to (thanks to battery drain). Or you may be seriously concerned that some of the apps you love will invade your privacy beyond what makes you comfortable. If you’re considering deleting an app or two, tech experts say this is the worst social media app to download on your iPhone.


When it comes to which apps are most likely to leak your data, tech expert Stephen Curry, CEO of CocoSignis among the experts who say TikTok is a huge offender.

“Don’t be shocked because it knows everything you write even if you never send it, everything you touch on the screen and everything that interests you,” Curry says. “The social media app might leak details that are deleted from different social media accounts, such as name, gender, age, and profile picture records of the account holder. Some records contain email addresses. email and phone numbers. Even worse, the app knows the device you are using and collects your device IDs to track your interactions with advertisers. It also knows your IP address, location, search history and message content.

TikTok starts getting your information as soon as you land on the platform, according to Curry. “It doesn’t matter if you log in or not; it collects your data via cookies and other tracers. After creating an account, the social network will collect your activities and preferences based on what you watch the most.

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Deleting the TikTok app or never downloading it in the first place is the only way to ensure that it doesn’t collect your data. But, if you like using TikTok and can’t delete it, Curry says there are things you can do to use it safely, as he points out:

*Use the TikTok privacy setting: these are “personalized ads” which allow you to prevent the social channel from using your data to target you with ads.

* Deselect “Suggest my account to others”: Prevent TikTok from suggesting your account to other users and, if possible, add a limit so that your account can only be searched by those you are already logged in with.

*Use two-factor authentication to login: add your phone number to enable verification in the login process, minimizing the risk that someone with malicious intentions can hack into your account.

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