Tesla raises prices for ‘Full Self-Driving’ software

ByLance T. Lee

Aug 22, 2022

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system, a software integration that doesn’t make a Tesla fully capable of driving itself, gets another substantial award. Software that currently costs $12,000 to buy all at once will now cost $15,000.

In great Tesla tradition, the hike was heralded by a series of Sunday morning tweets by company CEO Elon Musk. The Tesla executive and time-setting expert say the company’s current price will be honored until the increase officially takes effect Sept. 5, even if those orders are delivered later. As this is Tesla and the announcement was made entirely on the CEO’s Twitter account, there are no further details at this time.

Notably, no price changes were mentioned for the company’s Full Self-Driving subscription plan. Right now it costs $199 per month. While the feature’s purchase price increased by $2,000 in January of this year, the subscription price has not budged since its launch in 2021. During the same period, the price of purchase increased by 50%.

The price increase coincides with the launch of yet another beta version which once again promises to gradually improve the software. Testers running the new program are still encountering weird issues such as their cars try to turn towards other cars at stop signs.

Tesla is now four and a half years behind Musk’s timeline for a system this could allow an owner to “summon” their car from anywhere in the United States.

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