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ByLance T. Lee

Jul 14, 2022

Payroll is a critical part of any organization and managing time and attendance records to include in payroll can be one of the most time-consuming and error-prone responsibilities of any size business. Resources allocated to routine payroll administration and manual activities are inefficient and more prone to error, and resources can often be better spent on other tasks. Yet even with this knowledge, some companies are still hesitant to invest in an integrated payroll/time and attendance system that offers seamless workflow and automation. Additionally, using integrated systems gives businesses the tools to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and remove the complexity of time-consuming manual processes.

An automated system that integrates payroll with time and attendance tracking is the perfect way to minimize errors and ensure accurate reporting. A range of time-based data collection methods, such as swipe cards, biometrics and mobile apps, allow you to collect data easily and without the need for manual entry. Data analysis is done in real time for more efficient payroll processing and reporting.

The gap between hours worked and hours paid is bridged through a fully integrated system (or automated payroll interface). Separate systems create confusion with information scattered across multiple databases. Often the changes are not updated everywhere, resulting in conflicting versions of the data with no way of knowing what is true and this often requires manual corrections. Correcting errors is time consuming and disruptive. Organizations using multiple software solutions need to decide how to apply data changes across all of their software; determine a source of truth for their data and implement their interfacing to enable this.

Giving your employees direct access to their personal data is a positive payroll strategy; Save HR/Payroll/Finance from endless emails and phone calls regarding payroll, overtime, vacation, etc. With an integrated and automated system, your staff can make a more strategic contribution to the business instead of wasting valuable time monitoring attendance and payments. Secure, direct individual access to payroll and attendance data improves employee and payroll team productivity time. Through the use of a self-service portal, employees can view and print their payslips, view their payroll history and vacation balances, request time off, and more.

The seamless integration of payroll and time management software improves automation and workflow practices and, therefore, is hugely beneficial to your bottom line. Some of the many benefits are:

  • Information is consistent across all systems and is updated automatically
  • Eliminates the need to enter changes multiple times in different systems
  • Automate the collection, tracking and management of employee hours and payroll
  • Confidence that hours and pay are always in accordance with statutory legislation
  • Real-time data allowing managers to review and approve timesheets more efficiently and accurately
  • Administer payroll across multiple sites from one central location
  • Reduce time spent calculating wages and salaries, benefits, allowances and time off, and more.
  • No need for paper timesheets: clock data is used to automatically calculate and process payroll
  • Online submission of RTI and EPS to HMRC
  • Automatically calculate total hours worked, including overtime, sick time, and paid vacation
  • Instant access to employee attendance and performance reports
  • Manage employees across multiple departments and teams
  • Self-service access and employee portal give immediate access to payroll records
  • Security, auditing and accurate history available at all times

Integrated payroll/time and attendance software helps reduce, if not eliminate, the constraints inherent in the payroll process. Software designed to provide seamless functionality offers a consistent user interface and experience and, when combined with streamlined processes and automation, allows you to efficiently meet the demands of payroll management while freeing up a valuable time and resources for other areas of the business.

Your business can successfully capture attendance information and reduce inaccuracies resulting from multiple time recording devices with Frontier Software’s Time & Attendance solution. It is fully integrated with the ichris payroll module to provide the level of control and information necessary for effective attendance and employee list management.

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