The best comments section of the internet is on a shark tracker app

Pure joy often hits you in the most unexpected places. Take this morning, for example. I woke up after a horrible night’s sleep, expecting a terrible day, and instead encountered OCEARCH, a shark tracking app.

I wonder what am I talking about? Well, OCEARCH is an organization dedicated to supporting marine life. One of the things he does to try to achieve this is to track marine life around the world.

It is primarily a shark tracker, but OCEARCH also monitors other marine animals including dolphins and turtles. You can take a look at the web app here.

The point is, that is not where his true joy lies. It’s on the mobile app, that exploded on Twitter.

Here’s a public service announcement: go download the OCEARCH shark tracking app now. It’s great. Specifically, because the reviews are absolute gold.

Please let me show you. Here is the closest sea turtle to me in Northern Europe right now, the magnificent Thalia:


And, folks, feast on the positivity:

thalia shark tracking app

It’s not just for sea turtles. How about checking in with a cheeky chappy called Brunswick, a real shark?

brunswick shark tracking app
I would die for you, BRUNSWICK.

What will the deluge of commentators say about the biting boy shark tracker app? Will they be afraid? Anxious? Or maybe they’ll stand together wonderfully and continue to spread joy, one sea creature at a time?

OCEARCH brunswich shark tracking app

Finally – which is a real shame because I could do this all day long – I searched OCEARCH for something a little different. And what did I find? A swordfish called Anthony:

anthony OCEARCH

But Anthony is a special case, look at their gender:

anthony OCEARCH sex

How would the shark tracking application community react? Well… do you even need to ask this question?

anthony swordfish nonbinary

Honestly, I could go on all day. I’ve already spent a good hour of my Friday browsing a range of different animals and soaking up the joy in the comments. This is what I needed today.

Yes, there is a slight dark side to the fact that a good number of these charming creatures haven’t been tracked for a few years, which means they may have passed – but let’s not let the details be clear. prevent having a good time.

The comment sections of the OCEARCH shark tracker app are one of the purest things on the internet right now, and it’s even after The French dispatch fashion meme.

So go ahead and download the OCEARCH shark tracking app. But be nice. Be united. There is enough shit in this world without bringing it into it.

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