The big catalysts that Shiba Inu (SHIB) needs?

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 3, 2022

With Shiba Eternity Download Day now scheduled for October 6, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is starting to show signs of optimism. Memecoin proponents pinned their hopes on Shiba Eternity’s prospects for success. The game’s download day was originally scheduled for October 1, but the developers pushed the date back a bit. As the community awaits the Shiba Inu Team Strategy Card Game, there is huge traction for the token. SHIB price movement over the past few days reflects ideal trading behavior for a breakout situation.

SHIB Community Looking for a catalyst?

SHIB has been showing a clear pattern of lateral movement for over two weeks now. This rising accumulation zone situation is generally preferred for a price breakout position. Interestingly, the Shiba Eternity upload day is scheduled for later this week. According SHIB Knight, who claims to be a maxi Shiba on Twitter, the upload day could be a catalyst for this. He wondered if Upload Day could be one of the catalysts for a massive SHIB breakout.

“The SHIB is going up in the accumulation area. Need big catalysts for huge breakout. Can Shiba Eternity Download Day be part of it? »

Recent data has shown that SHIB continues to be the preferred token to accumulate for major Ethereum holders. This makes it even more credible for SHIB holders to continue supporting the second largest memecoin by value. Barring some major swings, memecoin has largely had a calm second half of September. With a consistent sideways price pattern, the token continued to maintain the $0.000011 range.

At the time of writing, SHIB price stands at $0.0000111, up 1.20% in the last 24 hours, according to the price-tracking platform CoinMarketCap. It remains to be seen whether the anticipation of the upload day will increase the price of the token in the future.

The collectible card game

Shiba Eternity is a collectible card game based on the characters and stories of SHIB. The game allows users to play both online and mobile games for free. However, users can use cash to purchase Shiba Eternity Virtual Featuresand other services within the games.

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