The Mood Tracker app you need

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 5, 2022


Has a therapist ever told you to watch your mood? Have you seen any journals marketed to keep track of how you feel? Do you just want a way to keep an organized diary of your days on your phone? Every time I tried to keep track of my daily life, I ended up losing my motivation. That was until I found the app, daily bean.

The beauty of Daily Bean is that it sits on my phone so I can save my information anywhere and anytime. There are cute smiley faces, or beans, that measure whether you’re feeling good, fine, neutral, meh, or bad. You can also add other aspects of your day, like whether you drank coffee, hung out with friends, or had your period. There are customizable options for what to include so you can track habits. This can help you find habits that trigger bad moods or good moods that you may be missing.

Daily Bean has endless possibilities. It displays your month in beans and a line graph of your highs and lows. You can also add up to three images and write about what happened each day. There is a free version which has fewer options, but I still think you could get great benefit from the things they provide. I have the paid version which is around $12 for the year. I found it a small price to pay for the convenience and consistency of tracking my daily life; especially since I’ve never been able to do it before.

If you are interested in checking it out, Daily Bean is free for mobile download. Here is the link to check it out!

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