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Online and offline security is a major concern for all people today. Whether parents of young people or young children, or business owners of companies with multiple employees who need to keep track of their online activities. The Aispyer app takes care of all of this and more. This is a full featured android phone tracker app which allows easy access and control of location, usage, emails, social media, app installation movements , etc. on which it is installed. So, in our digital dominated world, where unethical and illegal activities like pornography, child abuse, kidnappings, phone theft, account hacking, etc. are increasing; the aipyer is a must have.

Track. Cell number. Site. Social media. Messengers.

Aispyer is the most secure, reliable and easy to use Android tracking app. The iOS version will also be launching soon. Developed by the Aispyer Studio in May 2019; it is an application that is quietly or indiscreetly required by everyone these days.

Reports suggest that on average, a child spends almost 3 to 4 hours a day on their smartphone. With more and more options for gaming, schooling, education and entertainment; smartphones have become the new hobby for children of all ages. Whether it’s nursery rhymes for toddlers or social media and 3D games for young children, so there is a risk that they will run into unethical users all the time with malicious intentions. One such development was the famous Blue Whale game application software, etc.

best no permission phone tracker app

Aispyer is practical to avoid all these delicate situations. It is the best no-permission phone tracker app. So, once installed; it can easily help parents to track the location as well as the online activities of their children. The same app is also usable for employers who tend to keep tabs on their employees’ online activities and locations to ensure the full usefulness of work schedules and wages paid. The app tracks Facebook, WhatsApp, messages, third party apps, location, etc. to provide the viewer with aggregate information about the targeted device.

best no permission phone tracker app

There is no problem of data theft with the Aispyer app. Although it is a phone tracker app, it instills three user options to ensure complete protection of user data. It allows the user to stop monitoring the target smartphone, continue monitoring after stopping for a while, or completely delete all data at any time at the user’s option.

There are various options of free phone tracker apps available online. However, their accessibility and use pose problems for viewers. Aispyer is an Android phone tracker app, where use and accessibility is provided in a very crisp and clearer format. The installation and use steps are also clearly mentioned on the application website.

Mobile tracking app

For functional and efficient use as a phone tracking application, Aispyer operates discreetly. Once the installation is complete, Aispyer remains hidden in the user’s smartphone without fear of being caught. The application ensures easy monitoring of all the information desired by the user.

Mobile tracking app

Unlike the other free tracker for phone number and mobile, Aispyer’s power and battery consumption in the target phone is quite low. It helps the phone tracker app to stay undetectable.

Even when the phone is lost or stolen, the GPS phone tracking feature of the Aispyer app ensures that the phone is located without the thief knowing.

gps phone tracking

How does the best phone tracker app work?

A good app is always easy to install and use. Now let’s list the steps needed to install this best phone tracker app:

  1. The user needs to visit the Aispyer website and create an account by simply entering their email id and creating a password for their account.
  2. The link for the download and installation procedure is mentioned there.
  3. The user has to once physically access the target device and install the app there.
  4. Remember that Google Play Protect must be disabled on the target phone. Then open the internet browser in incognito mode and download the application from “www,”.
  5. Install the app once the download is complete.
  6. Once done, the user can at any time log into their account and view all the data being tracked.

For clarity, you can watch the video below:

Whether a user wants to track the location of a cell phone online or examine the online activities of children or employees, aispyer is the only phone tracker app that will do the job effectively.

Features of the Aispyer app

To date, AiSpyer is used by over 10 million people in over 200 countries around the world. With its light size and powerful features, this cell phone and phone number tracker has tried to make people’s lives safe. Let’s analyze its different characteristics to better understand its various usability:

  1. Phone number locator and tracker

    The app allows its users to monitor and view all call logs, contact information including date, time and duration of all incoming and outgoing calls, to ensure monitoring complete target device.

  2. SMS tracker

    The app also offers call and message tracking options. It allows user to track all text messages with details including sent, received and iMessages text messages, multimedia attachments, history, etc.

  3. Web History Tracking

    Free phone number tracker app allows user to view browsing history, bookmarks, visited URLs with target mobile phone date, giving complete overview of targeted person’s online activities .

  4. GPS phone tracker

    Aispyer allows the user to track the location of a cell phone by number. It accurately tracks the GPS position, current location, date and time of visited places of the targeted smartphone, helping the user to easily locate a stolen or misplaced phone.

    Android phone locator

  5. Facebook and Whatsapp spying

    Android phone tracker app also allows user to monitor all Facebook and Whattsapp messages, activities, group chats, Messenger histories, date and time of all sent or received messages. This especially helps parent users to keep track of their children’s state of mind and activities.

    android phone tracker app

  6. Contact follow-up

    Phone tracker app allows user to track all contacts, phone numbers, profile pictures and email addresses of the targeted phones even after they are removed from the targeted device. Thus, aispyer leaves nothing hidden from its user.

    free mobile tracker

  7. Application and email tracking

    As one of the most impactful free mobile trackers, Aispyer allows its account holders to track the targeted phone’s installed apps, their install time, app status, phone icon application, etc. User can also view the messaging apps in the targeted phones including their received and sent mails with all content and date and time details.

  8. Keylogger tracker

    This is the ultimate user option for any cell phone and phone number tracker app which allows user to view any alphabet, number or character typed by device user mobile. It even keeps track of all kinds of content typed and pasted to the clipboard, including account passwords.

  9. Snapchat, Instagram, Online Chat and Skype Tracker

    These features of the phone tracker app allow a parent to maintain full control over their children’s online activities and keep them in a secure online space. Aispyer ensures that the targeted device is always monitored, for each of its activities, without the targeted user knowing anyway.

MAD Verdict: Aispyer App Review

Design– 4.8 stars
Friendliness– 4.8 stars
Characteristics– 4.7 stars
Reliability– 4.6 stars

MAD rate– 4.7 stars

Aispyer app is the best no-permission phone tracker app. It works quietly, without consuming too much energy; to ensure that the targeted phone user is not able to track their activities. The app allows the account holder user to easily access, monitor and track all online activity of the targeted device including its keylogs and location at any time. The account can be accessed by the user anytime, anywhere through its clear and easily accessible website; with their username and password. The app as a whole is a boon for parents and employers alike, for whom monitoring their children and subordinates is a necessity. It also helps protect the device. The application was thus part of the list of Tracker applications of Mobappdaily. Mobappdaily, also includes several other listings, reports and reviews on applications entering and exiting mobile markets. As a holistic app platform with a global audience and reach, they have reported every breakthrough in the app market with comprehensive information and details.

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