The Nomono sound capsule is a Dolby Atmos compatible recording device

ByLance T. Lee

May 25, 2022

Norwegian start-up Nomono has launched what it calls a “revolutionary platform” to simplify audio recording, production and collaboration for podcasters and journalists.

No it is not normally the kind of thing we would cover at Trusted Reviews, but the mention of spatial audio piqued our interest. What Nomono seeks to deliver is a platform that helps tell stories in immersive audio, its integrated hardware and software solutions aim to facilitate content tracking and collaboration while “paving the way for a spatial audio future”. It is a future that interests us.

The Nomono sound capsule is relevant. It’s a Wi-Fi-enabled recorder that combines four ultra-compact wireless lavalier microphones with a 360-degree spatial audio microphone array. The recorder connects to the Nomono web app, where recordings can be saved and AI-powered dialogue enhancement applied to ensure the audio sounds its best before you start working on the recording.

Nomono products

The Ambisonic microphone is capable of capturing a high-resolution 3D recording of the general environment and mood as well as the voices of each participant, making it easy to record audio-compatible object-based spatial sound binaural up to Dolby Atmos.

Weighing less than 4 pounds, the Nomono sound capsule looks a bit like the “thumper” that featured in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune. By its looks, it can easily slip into a backpack and comes with a sturdy carrying case that has a built-in fast charger. Using the device seems extremely simple – just press a button and it’s up and running.

Jonas Rinde, CEO of Nomono, said, “We are sound people passionate about creating great products for like-minded professionals including podcasters, broadcast journalists and media. Nomono simplifies podcasting with intuitive tools to capture on-the-spot interviews, collaborate on the editorial process, and improve audio quality. Our goal is to provide storytellers with an audio workflow that’s smart, simple, and capable of delivering great sound. »

There’s no mention of price, but the Nomono sound capsule sounds like a cool device. Given the growing interest in object-based audio formats, the ability to easily save to them should help increase its presence.

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