The Period Tracker application, Period Pal, organized a virtual marathon Health

ByLance T. Lee

Nov 11, 2022


Period Pal is much more than a period tracker. It’s a diary where you can record and track your period, ovulation and fertility cycle. The app makes sure that all the information and information you need is just a click away. More than 23 million girls drop out of school each year due to lack of menstrual hygiene facilities. More than 71% of girls completely ignore menstruation, until their first menstrual cycle. However, the reality on the ground is far more terrifying than the aforementioned numbers and statistics.

In a bid to create awareness and raise funds for the advancement of Menstrual Hygiene Management facilities and infrastructure across India, Period Pal by Laiqa, has launched its Virtual Marathon across India to raise awareness and raise funds for MHAH facilities in India.

The long-awaited “virtual marathon” took place in different categories – Step Up Run – 1 km, Fun Run 3.5 – 5 km; Half Marathon – 21.1km; Mini-marathon – 10 km; Full marathon – 42.192 km. This unique event saw the participation of around 17 cities across India in its very first edition and saw over 20,000 citizens register for the marathon. As it was a virtual marathon, participants could run from anywhere in the world and participate in arguably the largest grassroots movement to raise awareness of menstrual hygiene in the country.

Period Pal by Laiqa has collectively raised funds with the participation of individuals, schools and students, businesses and stakeholders across India – something that has unified citizens under one banner for a good cause. Funds raised from this movement will now be distributed to NGOs across the country working to eradicate menstrual poverty and raise awareness about menstrual hygiene. With the aim of further promoting menstrual hygiene in Tier II and III cities in India.

The massive turnout showed how the country’s citizens from different sectors and fields came together under one banner to fight for a cause.

Monica Bindra, Founder and CEO of Period Pal by Laiqa, said, “We are delighted with the outcome of the ‘virtual marathon’, and as a responsible organization striving to create a positive impact in the community, the ‘virtual marathon was just the icing on the cake. The participation and passion shown by the participants encourages us to continue this journey and lead such campaigns and movements in the future to create greater impact and awareness among women across India.

Since its inception, Laiqa has been on a mission to raise awareness of the importance of menstrual hygiene and to help underprivileged menstruators gain access to basic menstrual hygiene products. In its attempt to achieve this successfully, Laiqa has conducted awareness programs through webinars and events, including the important Buy One, Give One activity. Acting on its long-term vision, the brand, via the ‘Virtual Marathon’, has been very successful in spreading the word about the awareness and accessibility gap that demands not only attention but further action in what seems to be the need of the hour.

Manoj Prasad, CTO, Period Pal by Laiqa said, “From the beginning our goal of the marathon has always been to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene in India and we are thrilled to see the impact we have created through the event. The number of participations across industries and different age groups is a testament to how well we have managed to spark interest and arouse strong emotions in people regarding the need and importance of menstrual hygiene in India. . Moreover, the use of technology was also integral to the success of this event. »

The response has been phenomenal and overwhelming for the very first edition. We look forward to making an impact in the future with more similar and transformational events on a broader level. We believe that awareness programs and activations across India around MHAM facilities will help us continue our mission to educate and inform society about the importance of menstrual hygiene in India.

Period Pal by Laiqa is the trusted, intuitive and easy-to-use female health and wellness mobile app for women of all ages. Regardless of your age or reproductive goal, Period Pal accurately tracks your period, records all physical and mental attributes, gives you in-depth information, and books diagnostic tests. Also, there are several news segments like blogs, videos, etc. which cover topics related to hygiene and well-being. The app offers a comprehensive experience for all menstrual women, supported by an in-house team of healthcare experts, consultations with experts from all areas of women’s health interest. The app provides a platform to create a vibrant community of women where they can share, support and chat with each other and support each other.

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