THE WISH Play-Now available for free download

ByLance T. Lee

Jun 9, 2022

Free downloads are now available for the new play The Wish: A Handbook for a Last-Ditch Effort to Save Abortion in the United States through Drama* (*a free, downloadable play/spellbook/letter writing, very informative and fun campaign about how we could lose abortion, damn it this is not a drill).

Thanks to the support of New Georges, who host the free game on their website, and made possible by the Clubbed thumb Constitution Commission, funded by Heidi Schreck and the producers of What The Constitution Means To Me, THE WISH can be downloaded at

Written by playwrights Judge HehirDena Igusti, Phaneìsia Pharel, Nia Akilah Robinson and Julia Specht, THE WISH is intended to spark conversation and encourage pro-choice programming in the wake of the growing number of statewide abortion bans and of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion against Roe v. Wade.

Originally written as a result of Texas Bill SB 8, THE WISH is a piece that can be added, rearranged, and played anywhere, from couches to stages to dorm rooms and protests. The piece also functions as a repository, compiling critical abortion resources within the framework.

Intended to spark creative, honest, and informed discussion about abortion rights in the United States—and to encourage abortion programming—the play is completely free to download, read, and play.

The creative team is rounded out by playwright May Treuhaft-Ali and graphic designer Christine Carruth Frandsen.

“The invitation posed by the wish is also its intrinsic value – download this, it’s free, here’s how WE express our anger and frustration, maybe that’s what you need to say out loud too,” said declared Susan Bernfield, artistic director of New Georges. “We are thrilled to host the wish online and relish the chance to help these artists empower people around the world to create art, gather and discuss. We can all use it .”

Download the piece via the New Georges website

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