The world’s first device capable of monitoring the growth of cancerous tumors in real time has arrived

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 16, 2022

The change in resistance indicates the growth and shrinkage of the tumor. Data highlighting tumor measurements is sent directly to an app on the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. The researchers successfully tested FAST on a mouse and measured the change in size and shape of tumors without restricting the animal’s activity.

Range and limits of FAST

A microscopic view of breast cancer cells.

FAST is the first autonomous, battery-operated, non-invasive and completely wireless cancer tumor measuring device. Plus, it’s smartphone compatible, easy to assemble, and reusable. Interestingly, the price of the FAST packs used for measuring tumors in mice was only around $60, making it a very inexpensive technology.

The device can completely change the way cancer is diagnosed in humans, and it can dramatically increase the speed at which new cancer drugs and treatment methods are tested. However, FAST has only been tested on animals and more research is needed before the technology is made available to humans.

“This study was only performed on animal models and on two different types of tumours. Future research will be needed to understand whether our results can be generalized to other types of cancer and to humans. Additionally, our device currently only works for tumors on or near the skin, and we are working on developing a surgically implantable device that allows us to track tumors deeper in the body,” said Professor Abramson. THAT’S TO SAY.

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