These applications monitor the expenses incurred each month, download them today on mobile

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 24, 2022


New Delhi. Tracking your money has always been a great way to see where you’ve spent, where you’re spending unnecessarily, and where you can start saving money. While it’s common to start spending the right way, not everyone has the discipline to maintain a budget or manage spending. There are many different apps to help you manage your personal budget. Here we bring you the best apps to help you better manage your money.

Here are the best fund management apps:


Wallet is a very visual fund manager that offers you a simple and fast system. This app has both free and paid features. In a free account, you have to update your expenses manually, but you get two weeks of free trial. It allows you to have all your different accounts in one place, link your bank accounts to track your expenses, supported by most major banks. Apart from that, accounts like Amazon Pay, Coinbase, and PayPal are also included. Apart from recording your income and expenses, this app also allows you to distribute money to your target.

This allows you to keep track of your loan, which includes loans and borrowings. You can set a budget for your purchases, which also allows you to keep an eye on other things. The money in this app is kept in six different categories, from the “balance trend chart” to the “cash flow chart”, to help you analyze your spending. To link the bank account to the wallet, you must have a premium account. The premium plan charges Rs 210 per month or Rs 1,050 per year. At the same time, you can also take a lifetime plan for Rs 2,700.

fund manager

With Money Manager, you can easily track your expenses. It allows you to put a photo in the entry, which can be a receipt of sorts. It is much better due to account reduction. The app comes in handy in several subcategories under income and expenses. You can track your expenses and income with a pie chart. Money Manager is a free app with no ads and no feature limits. Users can download it from iOS and Android. The 390 Qure version of this application allows you to add a controllable, ad-free and unlimited account from the computer. While the free version is limited to 10 accounts.


Monefy is one of those apps best suited for those who want a quick and easy experience. It has a simple user interface that makes navigating the app a breeze. It is the perfect and ideal budgeting app for beginners. This is the best app to track your expenses and income. A calculator appears automatically whenever you enter your income or expenses. Expenses can be viewed in different timeframes. From Daily to Yearly or you can manually set a custom time frame using the option. It has a premium version available for Rs.199.


YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a popular desktop personal budgeting software, but also has a mobile app. YNAB’s interface is quite different. It looks more serious and corporate than the others on the list. YNAB has a budget segment that helps us plan your expenses in advance. Thus, there is a reduction in budget overruns. Even categories that require a budget. This is a great app. This app has a 34 day free trial after which you have to pay to use it. It costs $11.99 or about Rs 880 per month or $83.99 or about Rs 6,150 per year.

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