This device will turn a small wall in your home into a 200 inch TV, read for prices and features

ByLance T. Lee

Aug 24, 2022

Portronics recently launched its new audio products such as Muffs A wireless headphones and SoundDrum P 20W portable speakers. Now the brand has introduced a new portable projector called Portronics BEEM 300, which can measure the wall of the house by 200. Inch TV manufacturer. You can install the device anywhere in the house and enjoy the image on the big screen. So let’s find out the price of Porttronics BEEM 300 (Portronics BEEM 300 Price in India) and its features…

The projector delivers an ultra-light beam of 250 ANSI lumens, 200 inches of 1080p picture quality, and 10 watts of high-fidelity audio. The portable projector could be a useful addition to your office, playroom, living room or bedroom.

The Porttronics BEEM 300 WiFi Multimedia Projector is being offered in India at a promotional price of Rs. 19,999. It is available at, and other major online and physical retailers, and it is backed by a warranty one year.

Because the Porttronics BEEM 300 is a portable projector, you can take it with you anywhere and give your friends and family a cinema-like experience. Anything that has an HDMI connector or can stream via WiFi can be used with the projector. It has a USB connector, so you can use it to play movies and music stored on the USB stick, as well as to connect it to your smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet or game console.

The BEEM 300 can be positioned in any location without getting in the way of you or other viewers thanks to the projector’s four-point trapezoidal front projection for vertical keystone and angle adjustments. It includes a 250 ANSI lumens LED projection lamp that lasts 30,000 hours, ensuring vibrant images for any type of content.

It serves as a fantastic alternative to traditional heavy projectors due to the sharp images. With the push of a button, you can change the screen size from 50 to 200 inches, making it convenient to carry anywhere.

Built-in 10W high-fidelity speakers deliver sound quality and eliminate the need for any additional audio setup. The projector can be used to stream content from your tablet or smartphone using screen mirroring.

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