This portable device can improve your cybersecurity

ByLance T. Lee

Mar 18, 2022

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Small businesses saw a surprising increase in cyberattacks in 2021, with nearly half of businesses reporting an attack. These days, especially when people are working from home or on public Wi-Fi, having top-notch cybersecurity is extremely important to protect you and your business.

Deeper connection

There are many ways to add layers to your cybersecurity, but a smart solution goes even further. The Deeper Connect Nano decentralized VPN cybersecurity hardware is a small, portable box that connects you to the Internet through a decentralized VPN and firewall. If you occasionally work on public Wi-Fi, this IndieGoGo-funded device is a saving grace. With a simple, plug-and-play design, you just need to connect to your device and you’ll have unlimited access to a decentralized private network that’s serverless and distributed so your data is never logged, leaked , hacked or even subpoenaed.

Deeper Connect Nano guarantees net neutrality so you can browse and stream without bottlenecks. Smart routing automatically changes your IP address based on what you’re viewing, while a web filter effectively blocks ads, trackers and malware on the network. If your kids are using Deeper Connect Nano, you can also rest easy knowing that there are parental controls through the intuitive dashboard user interface that lets you see absolutely everything that’s happening on the network. Plus, with the seven-layer firewall, you’ll have supreme protection against viruses or other malware that may be lurking on the web.

You need a VPN if you’re going to work on public Wi-Fi, but why pay subscription fees for the rest of your working life? The Deeper Connect Nano decentralized VPN cybersecurity hardware offers a more elegant solution that will ultimately save you money in the long run. Right now, you can get Deeper Connect Nano for $299, a fraction of what you’d pay in VPN subscription fees.

Prices are subject to change.

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