Tools2Win® and PerformNOW™ Announce Software Integration

ByLance T. Lee

Jul 24, 2022

Furniture World News Bureau on 07/24/2022

PerformNOW, the retail home furnishings industry’s largest performance group enterprise and CRM software provider, has integrated with Tools2Win®, the industry’s leading data analysis software that turns point-of-sale data into actionable insights.

Together, this combined technology allows operational data from Tools2Win POS integrations to be used by PerformNOW’s powerful CRM software. A data flow for sales, customers, suppliers and orders is connected between Tools2Win and PerformNOW. This allows quick and easy access to information for automated follow-up communications and marketing campaigns to be configured as predefined workflows.

David McMahon, Founder of PerformNOW, says, “Tools2Win is a great way for businesses to use their data from point-of-sale systems to make profitable decisions. From this wealth of data, we can add value to our joint customers by enabling them to automate customer sales tracking, supplier orders, and send targeted communications. This allows the retail consumer to track the status of their sales and retailers to get updates from their suppliers in a more organized and tracked manner. »

Brian Dodge of Tools2Win agrees, saying, “We have worked with David and PerformNOW for several years now with our mutual customers. Using the data we collect further helps our customers enable innovative ways to automate messaging and follow-up so they can increase sales while improving their customer experience. Tools2Win is all about organizing data to enable actionable results and PerformNOW’s CRM gives even more power to our joint customers.

A current user, Vanessa Liesen, Managing Director of Michael Alan Furniture, former HFA Retailer of the Year award winner, says, “PerformNOW and Tools2Win are two software partners that help us grow our business and give our customers the best experience. . Tools2Win helps us better understand our performance to make better decisions, while PerformNOW helps us communicate and organize more effectively with prospects, open sales, and service. It’s thanks to partners like these that help us be the best in our market.

About Tools2Win®

Tool2Win is a suite of software tools that transform point-of-sale data into actionable information for the furniture industry. It’s a 100% automated solution that includes merchandising, inventory, marketing and sales tools delivered to a retailer’s inbox daily. The results of the tools are in a simple, easy to read and visual format allowing retailers and their staff to quickly understand the data and identify business opportunities. For more information, contact Brian at [email protected] or 214-882-0226

About PerformNOW™

PerformNOW’s software is a complete customer experience management technology solution focused on the furniture industry for sales, operations, marketing, service and recruiting. It allows retailers to improve communication through automation with prospects, customers, suppliers and candidates. This web-based software platform can integrate with any industry web and software solution. PerformNOW also leads several industry performance groups and consulting engagements. For more information, contact David at [email protected]

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