Top 5 Women’s Health Apps to Download: Samsung Health, Adidas Training, Flo and More

ByLance T. Lee

Mar 6, 2022

If you want to train and take care of your health and fitness, here are the top 5 apps you should download on your phone right now.

Do you want to train and improve your health and fitness? Today physical fitness is of the utmost importance especially to ward off disease and this applies specifically to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Then there are the increasing levels of pollution, the consumption of unhealthy foods and a hectic lifestyle. A bad combination, indeed. So now, after watching all the horror stories that have been so widely publicized by the media during the Covid-19 pandemic, people have started to take better care of their health. It is true that if you are fit and healthy, you can easily fight many diseases. A number of aids are there now to help. From smartwatches, fitness bracelets to mobile phone apps, there have been many technology updates to help you track your health and improve your fitness. Here we tell you the 5 apps that can help you in your quest.

From tracking your steps, sleep, heart rate, etc., you can track several things using some fitness apps. Here are the top 5 health or fitness apps for women that they should install on their smartphones and keep tracking their health.

1. Samsung Health app: Samsung Health App offers a multitude of fitness programs, different ways to manage stress and overcome challenges. There are several features such as menstrual cycle management, skin care, weight control and much more.

2. Fittr: Fitness and Weight Loss: As the name suggests, this is an app for weight loss, personal training, diet plans and calorie count. The app uses a personalized approach and methods to help you achieve your fitness goal.

3. Adidas Training: From cardio workouts to muscle building and fat burning workouts and that without the use of equipment, you can get help from the app to do it. The app has videos featuring trainers, workout plans, and regular challenges that you can train with at home. You can even customize and create your own workout.

4. Training for women: With the help of the app, you can train every day for just 7 minutes and get fit, according to the company. You have access to workouts and exercises suitable for women to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

5. Flo: You can customize the app to track your cycle, fertility or pregnancy. You can also join the Flo community and read other women’s stories, share your experiences and more through the app.

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