Top 7 Sites You Can Use to Download Free Music

ByLance T. Lee

Jan 22, 2022
  • You can find for free the music downloads from the Internet without depending on a diffusion subscription.
  • Sites like Free music Archive, SoundCloud and BandCamp facilitate legal access To download music for free.
  • Here are seven of the best sites for downloading original music.

Subscribe to a service like Spotify, TideWhere Apple Music means you get unlimited access to millions of songs – in many ways, it’s like owning every song on Earth. But this illusion only lasts as long as you make monthly payments. If you end your subscription, you suddenly lose access to all that music.

For a more permanent solution, you can download tracks that are yours forever. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get these tracks because there are websites that allow you to download music legally for free. Here are the best free music download sites.

Free Music Archive

FMA has a wealth of free music in a multitude of genres.david johnson

Founded by East Coast radio station WFMU in 2009, Free Music Archive is a clearinghouse for free original music uploaded by independent artists. It has a clean and simple interface that is easily navigable through a dozen genres and countless subgenres. The site has its own player where you can create playlists, or you can download tracks and reuse them through a Creative Commons license.


Top 7 Sites You Can Use to Download Free Music
SoundCloud lets artists and fans connect with the ability to download free tracks.david johnson

SoundCloud is a music streaming and sharing platform that allows artists to connect with listeners and deliver tracks directly to fans. Although SoundCloud has paid subscription plans, you can listen to songs on the site for free with a basic account. Additionally, artists have the ability to make their tracks available for free download, so music can be downloaded in a variety of formats. To download a track, hover over it in the player, then click the three dots Continued button. If it is downloadable, you will see a Download a file menu item.

band camp

Top 7 Sites You Can Use to Download Free Music
BandCamp is a digital showcase for independent artists.david johnson

band camp has been around since 2008, serving as an online storefront for independent artists who can sell their music directly to fans. If you’re a music lover, Bandcamp is like a musical candy store with content in dozens of categories ranging from rock and reggae to children’s music and even audiobooks. Unfortunately, Bandcamp doesn’t have a way to find free music built into its browser, but it’s still easy to do. To find free music on Bandcamp, search for “free downloads” and then you can browse tracks that you can just download for free or name your own price (and you can name zero dollars).

The Internet Archive

Top 7 Sites You Can Use to Download Free Music
The Internet Archive is a treasure trove of free audio.david johnson

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library with a mission to preserve and catalog millions of books, music, software, websites, and more. It leverages the Wayback Machine, for example, which you can use to see websites as they were at different times in the past. It also has an extensive library of songs, concerts, audiobooks, podcasts, 78 rpm records and much more in the site section. audio archive, where you can browse by countless filter criteria, including music genres. Not everything here is available for download, but when the music is downloadable, you have plenty of file format options.

noise trading

Top 7 Sites You Can Use to Download Free Music
You can download tracks from mainstream artists on NoiseTrade for free in exchange for your email address.david johnson

noise trading is one of the unusual free music download sites you will come across. A subset of the Paste Magazine website, it connects artists directly to fans by allowing you to stream music and, in most cases, download tracks for free. And you can’t choose individual tracks – if you want to download music, you get all the tracks from a particular artist’s collection in a single zip file. NoiseTrade features mainstream artists across a wide range of genres, and the only thing you need to do to upload tracks is provide your email address so artists can connect with you.


Top 7 Sites You Can Use to Download Free Music
You can filter searches in ReverbNation by free tracks.david johnson

ReverbNation was launched in 2006 as a central hub for musicians, producers, venues and other players in the music industry to collaborate and communicate. It is also a place where music fans can discover and get in touch with new artists. For this purpose, you can browse and search for music, use the built-in player and also download tracks. To find music that artists have designated as free to download, use the site’s search page and click on the Free MP3s required checkbox on the left. All search results will contain tracks that you can download for free.

Top 7 Sites You Can Use to Download Free Music always maintains a small collection of free tracks.david johnson was once a popular destination for streaming music for free in the early days of the internet, but the site discontinued its streaming services in 2014 and now serves primarily as a destination for making music recommendations based on users’ listening habits . Even so, there is still a small catalog of free music here that you can download for free and legally. the Download free music The page on has a simple, untraceable list of 227 songs that you can listen to and download in MP3 format. There is no indication of style or genre, so using this library requires some exploring.

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