Trayak Provides Leading Sustainability Software Solution for the Packaging Industry | Article

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 5, 2022

In the latest edition of our Spotlight feature, Trayak discusses the importance of choosing a comprehensive sustainability solution to support your company’s environmental goals.

Are companies leveraging their data to meet global climate and plastic commitments, align with SDGs and environmental reporting requirements? The key to creating a streamlined sustainability program is a comprehensive solution that is reliable, data-driven, and capable of being integrated into the organization’s product development workflow.

Driven by strong consumer demand and expanding government regulation, the global sustainability landscape has evolved rapidly over the past decade. Across Europe, corporate environmental responsibility is growing and nowhere is this transformation more apparent than the focus on packaging, often the most visible reminder of a brand’s impact.

Effective sustainability in packaging requires a holistic, data-driven approach. Consider industry best practices: determine your portfolio’s baseline environmental footprint, set meaningful sustainability goals, reduce impact through sustainable packaging strategies, track progress and meet reporting requirements from various organizations.


Choosing a reliable sustainability solution can be difficult, we recommend that you determine if it is capable of meeting your long-term organizational needs. Originally developed with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) in 2006, Trayak provides the leading sustainability software solution suitable for products and packaging. Whether you are in the early stages of your sustainability journey or more advanced, Trayak’s platform was created to integrate environmental performance criteria into the concept development and material selection stages of packaging design. . EcoImpact-COMPASS enables ISO 14040-compliant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), decision making, SDG management, advanced reporting, EPR fees, and more.


Developed by consensus of some of the industry’s leading packaging and sustainability experts, EcoImpact-COMPASS is designed to deliver important information to a broad audience. The software is both comprehensive and easy to use, allowing customers to build complete packaging systems by choosing from preloaded common packaging materials and conversions. Over the past decade, Trayak has helped industry leaders around the world exceed their goals and develop responsible products and packaging.

“Microsoft was an early adopter of EcoImpact-COMPASS life cycle assessment software, using it to make design decisions to reduce the environmental footprint of our packaging. Additionally, Trayak provided expert consulting services to help Microsoft quickly model and benchmark our complete packaging portfolio in EcoImpact-COMPASS. Their team of consultants helped us use best practices and drastically reduce the time it takes to enter packaging data. The reports and insights provided by the Trayak and EcoImpact-COMPASS team helped Microsoft not only track progress toward our existing goals, but also review and set new sustainability goals.

The name Trayak is loosely defined in Sanskrit as “The Protector”. This concept has been the driving force behind Trayak as a company. Discover why so many industry leaders trust EcoImpact-COMPASS as a sustainability solution and Trayak as a partner on the road ahead. Trayak’s team of expert sustainability consultants and LCA professionals look forward to helping you take the next step. contact us today for more information.

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