Use the London Marathon Tracker app to track your favorite runners

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 27, 2022

Anyone who’s run a marathon knows that things don’t always go according to plan, especially when trying to run at a steady, consistent pace.

It is therefore difficult for spectators to know when the riders they have come to encourage will overtake them. There is even a risk that they will miss them altogether, especially against the crowds of the London Marathon.

Fortunately, the London Marathon app (opens in a new tab) makes it easy to keep an eye on the runner or runners you have supported. Search by name or race number in the app’s tracking section and add runners to a list so you can check them all. Then you can track them on the app’s interactive map, which also provides predicted times for when they’ll reach certain points in the marathon, based on how fast they’re running.

You can add an unlimited number of runners to your watchlist and receive notifications when they reach each 5k marker, as well as halfway through. If participants are running with their phone, they can also enable live GPS tracking in the app and allow up to three people to see their precise location.

Before the race, you can submit a 30-character message of support which can be displayed on the digital gate as runners arrive. You’ll find the feature in the Belief Booster section of the app, and naturally the messages are filtered.

Runners should also make sure to download the app, as it provides all the key logistical information needed to get to the London Marathon Expo and the various race starts in Greenwich. This is particularly convenient this year as start times are spread out over 90 minutes to avoid crowding, and runners are encouraged to travel via certain stations to their starting points. The app will also be the fastest way to check your official time after finishing the race.

For runners to get the most out of the app and enable live GPS tracking, they must log in to the My Marathon section using their booking reference number, email address and date of birth. These details can be found in the official email sent to runners regarding the launch of the app. The app also provides the QR code you need to pick up your bib at Expo and offers trains for individual arrival times on race day.

Download the free TCS London Marathon app from the App Store (opens in a new tab) and Google Play (opens in a new tab).

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