Video: High-tech drone detection device at the St. Pete Grand Prix

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – St. Petersburg police have implemented enhanced security plans for the 2022 St. Peter Grand Prix using a new high-tech tool that detects drones, a police press release said. .

Dedrone is a device that detects, identifies and locates nearly 300 different types of drones. It identifies the drone and the device’s camera indicates if it is carrying a suspicious load. The location of the pilot will also be identified, according to officers. (A video of the device in use can be found at the bottom of this article.)

Police said the Grand Prix is ​​considered an international event and they wanted to improve safety for drivers, race crews and spectators as drones are becoming more common.

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The St. Pete Streets runway is located on parts of Albert Whitted Airport, a no-fly zone for drones, but just because it is, doesn’t mean officers fully believe anyone one wouldn’t even try to fly one over the runway at such a big event. A drone could pose a deadly danger to IndyCars during races, officers have said.

If a drone falls on the racetrack, it could create a fatal incident, police said.

Find out what’s going on in Saint Pierre with free real-time Patch updates.

St. Pete Police has partnered with Dedrone to be the first agency to use mobile drone detection technology. It is already in use around the world in places such as airports, stadiums and prisons. The Grand Prix device is portable, and it is Dedrone’s first portable/mobile detection unit.

Other security measures at the Grand Prix include, according to St. Pete Police:

  • On-site event monitoring to resolve issues quickly
  • Four camera trailers and Skywatch monitoring the race site
  • The St. Pete Police Department Marine Unit and the U.S. Coast are monitoring the waterways near the runway
  • The site is swept daily with explosive dogs and EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) teams, and every vehicle entering the site is checked.
  • Assisting agencies include: FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Florida Highway Patrol, Hazardous Materials Teams, 48th ADM Civil Support Unit, United States Coast Guard, Department of Florida Law Enforcement and the Tampa Police Department.

The video below, provided by the Saint Petersburg Police Department, shows how Dedrone works:

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