Visitors to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup must download two spyware apps, security experts are sounding the alarm

ByLance T. Lee

Oct 19, 2022


Representative image. AFP

New Delhi: Anyone visiting Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup should download two apps called Ehteraz and Hayya. Some experts have raised concerns that both apps allow the government to track your movements and access your personal information.

Ehteraz is a COVID-19 tracking app, while Hayya is an official World Cup app that can be used to track match tickets as well as access Qatar’s free metro.

According to media reports, the COVID-19 Ehteraz app specifically requests access to several mobile rights, including the ability to read, delete or edit all content on the phone, as well as connect to WiFi and Bluetooth. , replace other apps, and prevent the phone from going into sleep mode.

The Ehteraz app, which all visitors to Qatar over the age of 18 should download, also provides insight into your exact location, the ability to make direct phone calls, and the ability to disable your screen lock.

The Hayya app doesn’t demand that much, but it does include several important features. Among other things, the app asks for permission to share your personal information with virtually no restrictions. Additionally, the Hayya app allows you to precisely pinpoint your phone’s location, prevent it from entering sleep mode, and view the phone’s network connections.

When these two apps are downloaded to your device, you agree to the terms of the contract, which are quite generous. You’re basically handing over all of your phone’s data and giving the app admins the ability to read, edit, and tweak things. If they have the ability, which we think, they will also be able to retrieve information from other applications.

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