Vodafone launches pet tracking app

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 8, 2021

Vodafone has announced the launch of its pet tracking pack, including Curve, GPS tracking, new pet features in the Vodafone smart app and a pet tracking clip.

The Pet Tracker Pack is the latest expansion of Curve, the GPS tracker.

Owners can now securely attach the Curve tracker to their pet’s collar or harness and continue to track them in real time from the Vodafone smart app.

Two new features will also be available on Curve: Pet Walks, which record past walks and their distances, and Animal Profile, which stores information such as breed and characteristics.

The Pet Tracking Pack was built on Vodafone’s IoT platform.

Lutfu Kitapci, Global Managing Director of Vodafone Smart Tech, said: “With the increase in the number of pet owners and our customer observation showing that people want to stay connected more than ever to what matters most. Plus, the Curve Pet Tracker Pack has been developed to give pet owners -important sense of reassurance wherever they are.

“Designed to be easy to use, intuitively designed and connected through Vodafone’s global network, we have developed an enhanced experience based on our customer knowledge for one of the most popular ways to use Curve today: for track our pets. “

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