What is the Great North Run tracking app and how to use it

ByLance T. Lee

Sep 8, 2021

There is a simple app to find out how your friends and family are doing if they take part in the Great North Run.

The Great Run app lets you follow the people you know as they move along the 13.1 mile route, which begins and ends in Newcastle, starting on the Central Highway south of Town Moor and ending on the Great North Road east of the Moor, via Newcastle Gateshead, the Felling Bypass and back.

Most will take around two and a half hours to complete the course, but many will aim for faster times and others will be happy to complete the course. The elite of elite athletes can complete it in less than an hour.

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By downloading the app, you can follow friends and family who are running the race. Whenever they cross a timing mat, the app will update with their location and time.

There are spectator areas close to the Great North Run finish line on the Great North Road, the app can help people determine when to go there to see loved ones cross the line or to know when they are near other viewpoints along the route.

The Great Run app can also be used by runners, to get event information and selfie filters.

People posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media channels are encouraged to use the hashtags #GreatNorthRun or # GNR40

How to Track Friends and Family While They Run the Great North Run

“If you have family and friends who would love to see how you are progressing on the course, why not encourage them to download the free Great Run app so they can track your progress,” Great Run says.

“Every time you cross a timing mat on the course, the app will update your location so your friends and family can see how you are doing.”

The application is free to download. It’s available on the Apple Store here and the Google Play Store here.

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