What Makes It The Best Crypto Wallet Tracker App?

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To make profit in the market, it is important to keep your finances in check. While it’s easy enough to keep up with fiat currency updates with all modern government and banking services, it’s a bit trickier with cryptocurrencies.

Digital currency, unlike regular government-issued currencies, is not regulated by a single authority and uses highly decentralized technology.

For this reason, it can be quite difficult to monitor all digital currency transactions and changes, especially when the money is spread across multiple accounts. As cryptocurrencies are rapidly growing in popularity, many businesses and individuals are looking for services that can make it easier to track digital money.

This is why the ChangeNOW team created NOW Tracker, a mobile portfolio tracking application. In this article, we will explain the main features and benefits of this service to you.

What is NOW Tracker?

Last month Change now, a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange service, has released the full version of its new portfolio tracking app, NOW Tracker. The application is free and downloadable in App Store and google play. NOW Tracker is designed to monitor its crypto assets across multiple wallets, both hot and cold, manually or automatically. The interface of the app is so simple that it is understandable even for the least advanced mobile users. NOW Tracker has a wide range of features which are intended to be constantly upgraded. The creators of the app are determined to keep it up to date with all current trends and customer requests.


Main characteristics

As mentioned above, the app includes all the features needed for easy monitoring of crypto wallets. Some of the most valuable features are as follows.

Automatic tracking of large cap coins and ERC-20 tokens

If you want to stay tuned to all the latest changes and fluctuations in the market, NOW Tracker is here to help. The app displays market capitalization data for the top 200 crypto coins. It has never been easier to check the current price of your favorite popular coins and Ethereum based tokens. Keep up to date with all low and high cryptocurrencies reached in the past 24 hours with the NOW Tracker mobile app.

The ability to track all crypto assets

Anyone who has been using crypto for a while knows that the smartest way to manage their digital finances is to keep their coins in different wallets. However, when the money is distributed this way, it can be difficult to keep track of all the accounts. Again, this is where NOW Tracker comes in. It has been specially designed for easy tracking of all digital wallets. As NOW Tracker supports both software and hardware cold wallets, no matter how many accounts you use, they can all be viewed and tracked in one app.

Viewing your crypto portfolio statistics in a pie chart

To make tracking your crypto asset portfolio even more convenient, the ChangeNOW team has implemented a pie chart in the NOW Tracker mobile app. All crypto wallet analysis can be reflected in one awesome chart. The graph can show your balance statistics filtered by tickers or by networks. Analyzing the crypto chart makes it even easier to keep track of all your crypto assets and see where most of the profit is coming from.

Choosing the best Fiat currency for you

If you would like to see your balance converted to fiat currency, NOW Tracker can do that too. Choose one of over 20 fiat currencies supported by the app to view your current balance on each wallet wallet. With NOW Tracker, it’s incredibly easy to track the value of your finances in digital and fiat currencies.

Over 7,000 tokens available for tracking

The current value of the top 200 Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and tokens is still displayed and updated daily on the first page of the app, but it falls short of all the assets you can track. The app supports over 7,000 different tokens, so it would take no effort for you to find the data on your currency of choice with NOW Tracker.

Latest upgrades

The app is constantly being improved and updated. The developers of NOW Tracker are doing their best to meet the needs of the customers. Since its recent full version, the app has already implemented two major upgrades.

Backup functionality

Last month, the developers of NOW Tracker created a backup function available On the platform. So if you want to share your wallet with another user or view it on another device, NOW Tracker is here to help. The feature ensures that data is backed up in case your phone is stolen or damaged. You can make a backup copy of your wallet data in the app at any time. It is then very easy to restore the information in NOW Tracker on another device. You shouldn’t worry about data security as the backup is protected by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and secured with a user password.

Connection exchange

NOW Tracker can now not only display the public address information of block explorers, but also reflect the data via exchange connections. There is no need to manually enter your crypto exchange assets. Once you have linked your exchange data to NOW Tracker, it will automatically track all information and display it along with your other crypto wallets. This way all your crypto funds can be displayed and counted in one place. At this point, NOW Tracker only supports Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase, but the range of exchange platforms available in the app will expand very soon.

Main advantages

Now that we’ve gone through the main features of NOW Tracker, let’s take a look at what sets the app apart from other portfolio tracking tools. Here are the main advantages of NOW Tracker.

Free portfolio tracking

Unlike other similar portfolio tracking apps on the market, NOW Tracker is completely free. The full range of features of NOW Tracker are accessible to everyone and do not require a paid subscription or even registration. Moreover, ChangeNOW promises that their app will remain free even when it expands its functionality. The creators and developers of NOW Tracker want their application to be accessible to everyone who needs it. this service.

Simplicity and functionality

Even though NOW Tracker continues to expand its functionality, the app is incredibly easy to use. The design of the tool is suitable for both novice and professional crypto investors. With its simple user interface, NOW Tracker makes crypto tracking effortless. At the same time, all the necessary crypto wallet tools are available in NOW Tracker and are easy to find.

Keeping abreast of customer needs

The ChangeNOW team always carefully analyzes customer reviews of their products and tries to continuously improve. The NOW Tracker app is no exception. It presents the most useful and practical features for monitoring crypto wallets at present. Thanks to frequent updates, more and more valuable services are added to NOW Tracker. Soon it will expand its range of exchange connections, fiat currencies, crypto tokens, and more. The app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.


Like other ChangeNOW products, NOW Tracker does not collect or store any personal data from its customers. The privacy of users of the application is fully protected. All information that customers share with the app is only stored on their device and cannot be changed or used by anyone else. No statistics or customer data are shared with third parties.

Part of the great ecosystem

NOW Tracker is one of the products produced by the ChangeNOW company. Change now is a non-custodial service created in 2017 that offers fast, simple and unlimited crypto exchanges without mandatory account registration. The service offers complete confidentiality and a friendly environment. It is possible to perform crypto transactions through the ChangeNOW website and the dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android. After launching the portfolio tracking tool, NOW Tracker, the team aims to launch their own digital wallet in the near future.

Final result

Overall, with its advanced features, simple interface, wide availability, and constant improvement, the NOW Tracker app can definitely be considered one of the best portfolio tracking tools out there. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user of crypto, keeping track of all of your digital assets is always a good idea. NOW Tracker will help you make portfolio tracking incredibly easy by bringing all your finances together. Tracking and analyzing your crypto portfolio is completely hassle-free with NOW Tracker.

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